Putting the OCC IN OCD!!!

As we were discussing over the weekend it’s  been a long and arduous journey to collect many of the characters and costumes  released in FGQFS, and now you’ve had a chance to see the full lists I thought it was time to share what you’ve collected over the years. Yes here’s a post where you can share all about your OCC, Obsessive Character Collecting, or Obsessive Costume Collecting.

So here’s where you can share how long you’ve been playing, how many characters you’ve earned and how many costumes you’ve got tucked away in your closet.

And before you spend a heap of time counting here’s the easiest way to find those numbers. For characters go to your Tan Lines, see how many characters you’ve checked in then add any you’ve got stored or currently on tasks.

And for costumes simply pop over to Al Harrington’s and look at your total in the top right hand corner.

As for how long you’ve been playing, well that’s all down to your memory, but as a guide the game officially started in April 2014, with a beta version available for a few months before this.

So come on, spill the beans. Were you a Beta player, or did you start playing on official release day? Or have you started to play just recently. And in your playing time how many characters and costumes have you picked up?

For me, I’ve been playing since the game launched in April 2014, and I’ve collected 393 characters and 300 costumes. That’s nearly 5 years of my life I’m not going to get back.

~ Russian Tigger

27 responses to “Putting the OCC IN OCD!!!

  1. Oh, by the way – did anyone actually get Turkey Meg?


  2. Cherry Bakewell

    Well, right now 217 characters in tan lines, 14 more in inventory and don’t know how many others on tasks, perhaps a dozen or so. I don’t put any away until they’ve reached max level, so must be some kind of glutton for unnecessary punishment!

    Apparently have 179 costumes according to the Al Harringtons counter.

    My total spend over the years is still £0. I started playing whilst off work following a hospital stay but never had a proper plan to quit. So it’s a never ending purgatory, just like brexit.


  3. Have been playing since May of 2014. I have 427 characters and 309 outfits. I believe I’m missing a couple of characters from the Christmas event a couple of years ago, had issues and support sucked, so I missed out on one or two characters.


  4. I have 246 characters and 184 costumes. I believe I started playing in 2015.


  5. I’ve been playing since its beginning in 2014 and have managed to accumulate 405 characters and 264 costumes.


  6. Playing since Oct 2017; have managed to collect 102 characters & 63 costumes.


  7. Been playing since the start and have 280 characters with 206 costumes.


  8. The box at the bottom of the screen says 398 out of 408 characters which seems about right as I’ve got 362 in Tan Lines and at least 35 doing tasks. Plus 304 costumes. Just waiting to kill Jabberwock Herbert once more to unlock him.


    • The box at the bottom refers to Facespace Sets, and the number includes some costumes, and can be different in our games, hence it’s not a good indicator of characters you have. Jabberwock Herbert isn’t a character, it’s just another NPC you get.


  9. I don’t remember the exact date I started playing , but it was during Peter-Palooza event or whatever it was called. I was confused as heck as to why is there a huge concert in the Griffins backyard. Still I managed to get Avril Lavigne as my first non – FG character – and I legit love her so I was happy with that. My only regret is and will always be Giant Chicken, which I think they should release once per year for players to get a chance at unlocking him.
    I have 232 characters and 155 costumes at Al Harrington’s …


  10. I have 240 characters and 160 costumes, and started playing with the Star Trek Next Generation event.


  11. 231 characters, 192 outfits. This game hasn’t been good either to me or for me.


  12. I think I’ve played from the very beginning, got 245 characters and 217 costumes (checking made me find 5 that were just waiting to be created!)


  13. Looks like 260 characters, 204 costumes.
    I started around July-August of ’14. As you can see I’ve rarely bought premium characters/costumes because I feel they’re priced waaay too high for what they are and what can be done with them. It’s also been a long time since I’ve actually been able to get far enough through events to get some of the last characters/costumes, such as the current one with Queen of Hearts Stewie. I have no chance at that one.


  14. Johan Carlström

    The only ones I seem to have missed are the longhaired Brian, the Pope and Bruce Campbell.
    I’ve been playing since the release but have no memory of ever seeing longhaired Brian or the pope. I do remember seeing Bruce Campbell though, I’ve been mentally kicking myself very hard since then for not having enough clams to get him since he’s my favorite actor.


  15. Never mind! Just thoroughly read your post (I’m a guy, we don’t read directions, LOL!)…so actually have 255 characters and 173 costumes…


  16. I have a bunch out in the game now, so does the Tan Lines number count total characters or only the ones in Tan Lines? Peter can’t go into Tan Lines, so does that count him as well? I’ve never noticed if the number changes as characters come and go, but I haven’t actually looked…


  17. I’ve been playing since Mid-2016, so 2 and a half years or so.
    Have 186 carachters and 144 costumes.

    But missed some that I really love, like Lil Peter, Gren Arrow and the dinosaurs. The Dinosaur Theme started when I was beginning to play, so I didn’t have the hang of it yet.

    My favorite carachter is Peaches for this quote: “Every other princess gets a prince. I get a plumber.”


  18. 243 characters and 173 costumes…


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