Main Questline: Production Issues – Clam Reward

Hello Addicts!!!

Many of you have been asking if there’s a Clam reward for completing the Week 3 main Questline, Production Issues. I can confirm there is and it’s only 5  clams.

~ Russian Tigger

7 responses to “Main Questline: Production Issues – Clam Reward

  1. Week 3 was definitely the easiest — once I got past the bottleneck of video editors in previous weeks. Happy to get clams more clams plus the 5 clams. They should have more VE drops in the first 2 weeks to more evenly space it out. Now I’m done and bored — after being frustrated in the early weeks.


  2. 5 clams is more insult than incentive


  3. Dont be conned, this last week questline can hurt your progress. No way I am going for drunk guys now


    • Unless you have enough hats left over from week 2 to get all the buildings, you’ll need to fight the drunk guys anyway. With both Shelia and Actor Brian selected, they are a guaranteed win, and unless the Drunk guy gets a lucky double, they have enough health left over for a second go. It really isn’t a problem. With the number of characters dropping video editors, there is no need to build up a stash. Character healing is going to be the limitation.


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