Good news if you don’t have Cleveland….

TinyCo have listened to your feedback, the poll results and my concerns and have removed the tast requiring you to have Statue Of Liberty Cleveland to complete Part 7 of the main Questline and move on to Phase 3 when it’s released.

The core character of Cleveland is a good buy at 99 Clams if you want him, especially now it’s a matter of choice and not feeling forced to buy him. And he’ll help you complete the Pure Patriots clam set, which will give you 35 Clams back. But as I say buying him is not necessary to progress now so it’s up to you.

Russian Tigger

2 responses to “Good news if you don’t have Cleveland….

  1. Anyone else having issues with the app instantly ‘stopping’ on Android after the update (which presumably would’ve had Phase 3 ready to go) ?

    I’ve tried several times, even tried completely uninstalling Nox but no matter what I do it’s still the IMMEDIATE stop when running the game. I’m hoping it’s a temporary glitch that is something they need to put a fix in for and able to play again by tomorrow but not sure if it’s affecting others?


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