How To Use House Skins Reminder!!!

Hey there, we now have a new house skin in our games, and I find these confuse newer players every time they appear so I thought I’d remind you how they work.

Okay the latest Building skin to hit our games is the one you see above, the Gold Swanson House, it costs 30 White Hats and will drop 2 Guillotines for unlocking Queen Of Hearts Stewie if you don’t already have this costume.

But you’ll only get these drops if you put the skin as the active decoration on your Swanson House, so here’s a reminder how to do this. (And remember it’s the same process for any other Building skin).

So firstly find your Swanson House.

Tap it and you’ll see the following box. Note in the reward area there’s no chance drop box for Guillotines if you need them, as it’s not the right Building skin.

Click on the green arrow at the left, as shown below.

This will open up the following box which shows you all the Building skins you have for the Swanson House.

You’ll see you current,y have on the default Swanson House. To change it you need to click on the skins you have until you find the one you want, for the Gold House it’s easy as it’s the little icon with the White House.

Simply select this and you’ll change your Swanson house’s skin.  You’ll see below it now shows you’ve put the Gold Swanson House skin on and the little chance drop box appearing in the rent reward area. This means you’ll now get those Guillotines drops. (This box won’t show if you’ve already got Queen Of Hearts Stewie).

Now once the events finished it’s easy to remove the skin, just tap the red cancel  button and you’ll be back to your default Swanson House.

Hope this helps those who’ve not used this feature of the game before.

~Russian Tigger

4 responses to “How To Use House Skins Reminder!!!

  1. i’m absolutely lovin’ how good the gold Swanson House sitting next to the all white Griffin House haha


  2. Ya I already have QOHS so that would explain it. Lol


  3. I could have sworn that before I actually got this skin showed a drop of something, but now that I have it there is no drop showing. Am I just losing it?


    • RussianTigger

      Strange, the guillotine drop is supposed to be with the skin on, I can’t test it just now as I don’t need any drops, try putting it on & off and let me know.


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