Swanson Spinoff – Where Are You Now Poll

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with the event halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now Poll.

So  you best get busy casting your votes Addicts. And remember the results will show and update as players answer, so it will also let you gauge where you are compared to others.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any other helpful feedback or thoughts in the comments. And of course if your feeling like venting you can vent it out in the What The Deuce post HERE.

~ Russian Tigger

5 responses to “Swanson Spinoff – Where Are You Now Poll

  1. HAHAHAHAI have only 4 of 17 heels after almost a week of trying, this is a lost cause


    • That’s a poor return if your checking your game regularly.


    • I got down to needing 2 heels with 30mins until the event ended. spent about 10 clams to finish tasks on the 2 characters and building drops and not a single one dropped a pair of heels. wasnt prepared to spend 40 clams to buy her outright so just let it expire.

      personally think drops on these was just down to luck than any strategy and the building was useless, i collected from it for 3 days and only 2 pairs dropped!! im fortunate enough to work somewhere i can open my game every 2hrs or less so its not like i was missing collections, its just nothing was dropping when i did.

      oh well.. onto the next event


  2. Part 7 with 80 of the 125 Hats needed to get the Cherub Wine Fountain. I did not buy the White Hat Shrine or White Suit Joe but I did have the 2 hr Rush Task button. I plan to use it as many times per day as I can to rush an “always” drop for hats.


  3. It’s taken me 5.5 days to collect 9 Heels.
    I’ve got 1.5 days left to collect 8 more.
    Somehow I don’t think it’s gonna happen without spending clams to buy outright (I don’t have the speed up feature)


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