Pilot Season Week 2 Delayed!!!

For those who didn’t get a pop up in their game to inform them, this is to confirm Week 2 of the event is delayed.  TinyCo originally said this:

“Phase 2 will begin on Wednesday, July 24th (PDT), however, we are experiencing a delay of the release and will have a late launch. We do not have a definite time of release and the date and time may be subject to change. We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience in the meantime”.

As time goes on it’s looking likely we might be looking at Thursday before we see any new content now. If it’s delayed further than this I’ll update you.

~ Russian Tigger

11 responses to “Pilot Season Week 2 Delayed!!!

  1. ahhh okay. i was jus gonna ask this because my dumb*self*(not the other word lmao) tapped on that popup too fast mistakenly and didn’t get to read it!.but noticed the questline disappeared after. course i would. thank you RT for keeping everything in the loop for us. by yourself i should add. you seriously kick it and keep it goin!😁


  2. Do we know if they are extending the end date? Or lowering week 2 requirements?


  3. Sure hope Jam City knows how important this site is. I would have quit long ago without it. It has long amazed me how they never (or badly) communicate with players about glitches, delays etc. (I did not get a message about the delay to the best of my knowledge).

    I thought my incompatible device could no longer play the game at all, By the way, even with taking a day off and only checking in sporadically (my game is a laggy pain in the butt now and FGQS does not appear int the play store for me so I am done next update)), I still got Evening Prince on Tuesday with no fast forward feature and no clams spent.


  4. Thank you. I didn’t get the message and used clams to get the Evening Prince last night. Only 10, but still a total waste.


  5. Thanjs, RT.


  6. Thanks, RT.
    I didn’t get the message and was wondering about this. Appreciate.


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