Gay Couple Brian – Unlock Requirements

Greetings Addicts!

Just dropping by with a reminder to check the unlock requirements for Gay Couple Brian carefully in Al Harrington’s. He is another one of the occasional costumes that has 5 different unlock requirements and some of you are not noticing the 5th item, the Grapefruits, as they are off-screen. 

When you click on Al Harrington’s you’ll see Gay Couple Brian and his unlock requirements, but look closely and you’ll notice there’s a 5th item off the screen.

You need to scroll the unlock requirements to the left and then you’ll see the Grapefruits.

And here’s a quick note of where you’ll get them.

 Grapefruit (Common): Get from Gay Couple Stewie Go For Laughs, Meg Make A Mess, Dr Hartman Eat His Fruits, Pilot Season Mystery Box

~ Russian Tigger


8 responses to “Gay Couple Brian – Unlock Requirements

  1. I have managed to get all of the items ticked by doing the 2hr boost thing on some actions but still cannot unlock grrrr


  2. Finally got Gay Brian. Grapefruit was the final sticking point. I got to Part 7 on Thursday, but it took me until Sunday to get the skin. Thanks to FF, I can now kick back and relax and stockpile everything for Week 3. I love it. Best change TinyCo ever made to the game, in my opinion.


  3. I almost have tGay Brian. All I need are 2 helmets and 5 grapefruit. Should just be a couple hours. I will definitely have him and Part 7 done today (Saturday) in Florida.


  4. Cherry Bakewell

    So far I have all 50 cologne but only 1 laundry detergent; this week is extremely uneven!

    The grapefruit don’t seem like much of a problem for me; got 9 of those, although the football helmets are looking like the second worst bottleneck (only 5 dropped).


    • RussianTigger

      Football helmets are the slow drop for me, Laundry Detergents I’m ok but that’s because I got the Premium costumes this week.


  5. Amazing. I can clearly and obviously see the edge of the box containing the 5th required item


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