Pilot Season Week 3 Delayed!!!

For those who didn’t get a pop up in their game to inform them, this is to confirm Week 3 of the event is also delayed.

As time goes on it’s looking likely we might be looking at Thursday before we see any new content now. If it’s delayed further than this I’ll update you.

~ Russian Tigger


22 responses to “Pilot Season Week 3 Delayed!!!

  1. No licensed characters for ages, unexplained delays, releasing old characters to “complete your collection,” I got a bad feeling.


  2. My Evening prince just turned into white from its original blue color. Now he looks pale and a bit sick.
    Is anyone else having the same issue or mine just caught a cold?


  3. I would guess they couldn’t adjust week two’s gameplay in time for Thursday ‘s release, so they want to give us a full week to play; ending today. Then next week will hopefully be adjusted for shorter week, as mentioned.


  4. Curious, any info you can share on the reasons for this and the last delay? Simple event, no new game mechanics or major glitches to fix.


  5. I appreciate the update! No pop-up again…and FAQ just says delay. Again thank you. Any reason given?


  6. if it keep delay then they should give a free something like character or 100 claims cuz they getting worst everytime they have new game and when try to get almost all the character we dont have time we just wasted time and claims on thing we cant get it we need more than just 20 days we need 40 days cuz we dont know if they gonna be delay or not it not fair for the fans who using their time to play this games they need to give us 40 days


    • They said they will adjust the requirements for this week to take into consideration the delays. Hopefully that will help.


  7. Definitely did not get any pop up message. Good work jam city


  8. Last time I looked I had 40+ green bottles for the warthogs, didn’t bother using them once they stopped dropping anything. Just checked and I have 6. Informed in game contact. May want to check those items you can check, there were other things dropping, vip tix, the books. No idea if they will come into play but might.


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