Main Questline: The Morning After – Clam Reward

Hello Addicts!!!

For those of you that have been asking if there’s a Clam reward for completing the main Questline, The Morning After. I can confirm there is and it’s only 5  clams. So my advise is don’t spend clams to complete it, unless you’re obsessive about Questline completions that is.

Click here for Questline

~ Russian Tigger

8 responses to “Main Questline: The Morning After – Clam Reward

  1. where is the gold cleveland house? was it a clam buy in an earlier part of the event?


  2. Why are the Gold Quagmire house and Gold Cleveland house full buildings when they made Gold Swanson and Gold Griffin house both skins….


  3. All events should be like this one where you can choose which building to place instead of being forced to place them in order. Since I only needed Tricia, it was very helpful to place the buildings with her drops first.

    Too many events have you place useless buildings and/or decorations. Even though this was a quick event, it had a nice simple format….no complaints this week!


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