Spin N Win Poll Results

Hey there Risk Takers!

Whilst we’re all waiting on Week 3 of the Multiverse event to hit our games, I thought I’d bring you the results of the poll requested by frequent reader, Tristan. As you may remember it was all about whether you have the  Spin N Win in your game, and if you have, had you ever won the jackpot.

So what did we learn, well that 86% of responders have the Spin N Win in their games, 13% don’t and 1% just don’t know whether it’s lurking somewhere in their inventory or not.

And for those who have the Spin N Win, 23% have been lucky enough to hit the jackpot once, 6% have been even luckier and hit it multiple times, whereas I’m one of the 71% than haven’t ever hit the jackpot.

Thanks as always for your responses, and feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts in the comments.

~Russian Tigger


15 responses to “Spin N Win Poll Results

  1. What Spin and Win? I’ve never seen a Spin and Win? Am I missing something? Please someone fill me in.


    • You might have it buried in your inventory, but you also might not have it, as it’s one of those things that was beta introduced then no full release.


      • Thanks for the quick reply, never saw it so guess I never got it. Strange as I’ve been playing since the beginning of the app. Got over $100M and tons of Stewie Bucks that I guess are useless as well? Don’t know why they still have the daily Stewie Bucks going as you can’t buy anything with them, unless I’m missing something there as well??? Last thing I got was the monkey


  2. Would be interesting to know what those who have won the jackpot actually received – clams, decos, buildings, full characters?

    It’s alright saying ‘i won the jackpot’ but if you got a deco that will forever live in storage is that really a “win”.


    • Good point…. another poll looms 😀😀😀


      • I got Jake Tucker (I think that’s him that’s upside down) and I think one other character but it was long ago and I don’t remember who for sure (may have been the bottom tooth guy). Also lots of 3 clam wins and a few 10 clam ones.


  3. I’m in the 71% who has never won. And I have spent a fair number of clams trying to win the jackpot. Bummer.

    It’s nice to know YOU listen to our posts — even when TX/JC do not. 😊


  4. It is interesting to know, for those of us who have never hit the jackpot, that it does happen for some people. Without this forum , I would have assumed that the wheel was just a scam to extract clams from everyone But…apparently there is hope that we will all win someday. It might take years, but it could happen…


    • Yes, it may take a while. 😊 My daily routine, first thing in the morning, is to open the game, collect drops, assign new tasks, spin the wheel, and then go to Ollietown, and for as many days as the wheel has been in my game, I have only won the jackpot once, for sure, or maybe twice. (And I have been playing since well before the wheel appeared.)


  5. Mackenzie Finley

    My question is Of those who have won a jackpot was it a free spin or did they use clams?


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