It’s not so funny how we don’t talk anymore….

Hey there avid readers!

That’s avid readers of Questline dialogue not this blog.

With this latest event you’re all asking in the comments just who silenced Stewie as we’ve seen the dialogue between Quest tasks vanish. Some of you thought it was just happening in your game , but no, it’s not just your game glitchung, it’s happening to us all, and I’m trying to find out why. I’m hoping it’s just a one off and not a permanent change. But as always to feed back to TinyCo your thoughts on this  I’d be grateful if you could voice your opinion in the poll below.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts in the comments.

~Russian Tigger

6 responses to “It’s not so funny how we don’t talk anymore….

  1. no Halloween event 😦


  2. Jam city, just put the game out of its, and our, misery already.


  3. I have risen this before, I also really miss proper Facespace posts. I can’t say that all of them were hilarious, but some sure were funny. Such neglect in smaller details is quite disappointing. I wonder why that is happening. Has the number of players dropped to some critical minimum, so that it is no longer worth the effort? Do we have any statistics on that?


    • No they don’t release player numbers or income stats. But the game is in it’s twilight, and after 5 years I think that’s fair enough.


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