Spin N Win Jackpot Poll Results

Hey there Risk Takers!

Whilst we’re all waiting through the new event to hit our games, I thought I’d bring you the results of the poll requested by frequent readers, Mackenzie Finley & Rend84. As you may remember it was all about whether you  won the  Spin N Win Jackpot using your free spin or Clams, and what exactly you won.

So what did we learn, well that 87% of responders won the jackpot using their free spin, 4% used clams, and the rest 9% couldn’t remember how they won it.

And as for what they won, well most of you won a decoration, 34% of you to be precise, after that a building was the prize awarded most at 25%, then 18% of you got clams,  and unsurorignly a lower number of you, at 15%, won a character. Outwith this there was again some who couldn’t remember what they got, they came in at 8%.

Thanks as always for your responses, and feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts in the comments.

~Russian Tigger

7 responses to “Spin N Win Jackpot Poll Results

  1. About g*****n time

    Just won the 100 clams in the Spin N Win. I’ve been spinning it for years and it finally landed on the Jackpot.


  2. I have had to ask here for a long time whether anyone has won the jackpot. I myself am not and I have been spinning it ever since it came to the game.. maybe some day


  3. It is possible. After years of spinning every day I actually won a jackpot today! Not only that but it was the Black knight, the only character in the prize pool. Anything else would have gone straight into inventory.


  4. that’s interesting then but not really surprising.
    my initial thoughts were characters would be the most won but thinking about it why would they give them away when they can keep people playing/spending clams by giving away the crap no one wants/needs and then them thinking ‘i’ve won it once lets try win it again’


  5. Has anyone won the 100 clam bonus? I still have never won anything.


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