The Cruise Of The Damned Tips For Week 3!!!

As the second week of The Cruise Of The Damned is well under way I thought I’d give my thoughts on what you might want to stockpile for week 3.

Please be aware this is just my guess, I could be wrong, but it’s what I’ll be concentrating on.

Skull Coins
Ghost Dusters

19 responses to “The Cruise Of The Damned Tips For Week 3!!!

  1. Part 5 of Week 3 requires only two tasks: 1) Place the Table of Horrors building; and 2) Collect 450 Skull Coins — which I got an immediate check mark for, since I carried over 3,000 extra coins that have not been needed for anything yet.

    I should be onto Part 6 within 24 hours of Week 3 being released on Wednesday. That was a personal challenge I set for myself. I’m also up to 170 million coins and 60 Gold Stewie Bucks. Maybe it’s just me, but I like hitting these silly little side goals I set for myself.


  2. I’m almost to Part 4 of Week 3. I placed the first building of Week 3. Working on the second building.


  3. concerning week 3 suppose to be today usually: my game has been doing nothing but crashing the entire day of today so no doubt there’s gonna be a huge delay ughh not good.


  4. Same here. I was surprisingly done with week 2 on Saturday! Very smooth event when you don’t have to work for a week lol. Though it also helps I have the feature to watch ads to speed up character and building drops, sooooo 😛


  5. up to 2k gold coins. i like this crystal ball idea 😀


  6. Do you think they will make The Headless Horseman available as a Deco?


  7. I’m worried about the aspirin – I’ve got a bunch, and I’m hoarding them, it’s just I’m worried they will become useless in the next phase…coins will always be good, it’s likely we’ll have to get something else with the coins for the buildings, but coins will be needed…I have over 3K skull coins, 40+ dusters, and over 100 traps for the mini Deaths as well as 28 aspirin with a day to go, so I think I should be OK…I think…


  8. Michael J. Fouquette

    Doing the same 🙂 and crossing my fingers.


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