Daily Archives: November 5, 2019

Readers Request – Level Poll Results

Hey there Addicts!

Whilst we’re all working away on Week 3 of the Cruise Of The Damned event, I thought I’d bring you the results of the poll requested by a frequent reader. As you may remember it was about which level you were on. Now I won’t bore you with a list of percentages of players at each level, that would be a long, boring list, so instead I’ll just sum up the important points.

So what did we learn, well, 92% of respondees are at Level 80 or above, and when it comes to being at the max level of100, well 68% of players have reached the top. And there’s still new players just starting with 3% of you under Level 20, and 1% of players are at the very beginning and still at Level 1.

And with the majority of you at or approaching max level, I though it’s time to ask if you’d like it to be raised. So please answer the poll below, remember your thoughts do get passed on to TinyCo, so this is a good way of letting them know what you want.

Thanks as always for your responses, and feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts in the comments.

~Russian Tigger