New Year 2020 Week 2

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Main Overview Post
Main Questline – Steal The Spotlight
Who Drops Event Currency This Week
Side Questline – QuagJoePeteLand
Side Questline – Shark Stewie
Side Questline – Stars and Stripes Chris
Side Questline – Gamer Bonnie
Addicts Area

21 responses to “New Year 2020 Week 2

  1. I posted this on another post but seems appropriate for here as well:

    I don’t have Barbara, who seems essential both for completing Pt 3 & unlocking Gamer Bonnie. So, I guess I won’t be able to complete this.

    I will also add I have the additional concern mentioned by others, that I continue to collect way more glasses then seem needed at this point & not nearly enough rockets to collect what’s needed for week 2 & then collect the items that drop.


    • She’s in Rank 2 of QHS for only 300 medals, but I’m sure you had possibly mentioned previously you’d used your medals yo grab Consuela when her price went up


  2. Anyone else having trouble with the tiny trash island. I purchased it using fireworks and it floating out in the water. However, it’s not awarding the red bow ties and I didn’t get credit for it on the quest line, steal the spotlight pt 3.


    • Store It and then hit go on the task to place it and put it out again.


      • I placed it in inventory. When I go to the task it just gives me the option to buy it again. I pulled it back out of inventory and it’s the same story, no credit for it and it only awards coins and xp. I’m wondering if this was already in my inventory from a previous event.


        • It looks like you’ve placed the old one and not bought the new version in the store, sometimes this happens when you’ve a duplicate in storage. You’re going have to buy the one from the store to progress and get the drops


  3. IF I make it to week 2, it will be too late to accomplish anything. Nowhere near getting the lazy beer river, glasses take way to long to collect for amounts needed… ugh


  4. All my characters are still only showing stuff to earn 2020 glasses, and I’ve still got the rich ladies to get from, why am I getting these if there is no need for the glasses anymore? I’ve got some rockets but only getting them from a couple of characters and the kissing couples


  5. So I’m still about 75 glasses from the last building on week 1
    Why is there so few ways to get these?
    I’m on several times a day


  6. Anyone notice the Po-Po a Go-Go Bar and Lazy Beer River are recycled / duplicate items from older events? Oof


  7. So no need for 2020 Glasses in week 2 by the look of it.


  8. HNY RT, I’m not seeing anything related to week 2 yet? Must we actually get the last building to complete part 7 in week 1 first??


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