Quahog Historical Society Rank 26

Hi history buffs!

Quahog Historical Society has finally arrived in our games and I thought I’d do regular posts covering the ranks that open every week.

***Warning Spoilers Ahead***

Clicking on any of the character/costume names below will take you to their profile.

Please note the medal costs to but characters and costumes will increase as Ranks unlock.

If you want more information on QuahOg HISTORICAL Society click here!!!

Rank 26

Characters/Costumes Required To Complete Collection: Magician QuagmireBulldog Meg, New Year’s BrianTroopleader Lois

Cost to unlock characters/costumes in my game:

Rank Box 1 Box 2 Box 3 Box 4
26 430 430 1140 2060

Reward For Completing Set: 25 

What do you think of the new Rank set?  Are you having fun collecting old characters and costumes?  Share your thoughts with us in the comments, as you know we love hearing from you.

~ Russian Tigger

7 responses to “Quahog Historical Society Rank 26

  1. My amounts for this rank 25 & 26 are higher than listed. All previous match. I have Brian costume listed as 1710 and Lois costume as 3090. Not sure if they increased it. Vacation Santa from Rank 25 is listed at 3075 in my game. I have the other characters from rank 25 & 26


  2. I purchased New Year’s Brian, but no questline was activated. Not a big deal at all, just wondering if anyone else had this happen…


    • Yes there’s a few that don’t seem to have Questlines. Sometimes they never appear, other times months down the line it can trigger


  3. If the current growth pattern continues, the 2 ‘cheap’ skins in Ranks 121 & 122 will each be 1000 medals. The more expensive ones will be around 2750 & 5000 medals by Rank 122 unless they change those growth rates.


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