Easter Rager – Who Drops Event Currency This Phase?

Here’s your quick guide to who and what drops Easter Eggs & Common Eggs this phase!!!

Easter Eggs:

90s Peter
Leprechaun Brian
Jolly Leprechaun
90s Cleveland
Osias Griffin
Tom Tucker
Angus Griffin
Mayor West
Completing Questline Parts
Giant Easter Basket
Giant Silver Easter Egg
Hippie Peter
Giant Easter Bunny
Earth Day Meg
Dr Hartman
King Of Denmark Griffin
90’s Lois
St Patrick’s Cleveland
Chocolate Monster
Clearing Easter Rabbits

Common Eggs:

Easter Chicken
Easter Statue

5 responses to “Easter Rager – Who Drops Event Currency This Phase?

  1. Actually my bad I just reread your post and the date and it’s last weeks. Lol. I tried to delete my comment but I couldn’t find it again.


  2. At least we get to use characters from the previous events to unlock event currency in this event. This is something I was hoping they would do on a normal basis for a while now. Now those hard earned characters have a useful purpose!


  3. Looks like the Common Eggs are going to be a sticking point, being an 8 hr chance. Got skunked on my first 8 hr wait, and need 4 for the second building.


  4. Ur Peter also has a net drop now too accompanied by Easter Eggs


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