Raging Rabbits Glitch Fixed

Just wanted to put up a post to say at this time I can’t clear the Raging Rabbits in any of my games, so looks like a glitch. I’ve let support know so hopefully see a fix soon.

And just like that it’s fixed.

12 responses to “Raging Rabbits Glitch Fixed

  1. Hola Amigos
    Acabo de leer este articulo y no sabia de este error.
    ¿La mision de comer conejos en ese momento parecia importante?
    Todo el tiempo presentes los conejos en nuestro juego


  2. southbeacharchi

    For what it’s worth, mine is working.


  3. I had this problem initially. But I force closed and restarted and the problem is gone.


  4. I had the same issue at first, but it seems to have been fixed.


  5. In my game, there is a BOMB button on the lower right hand side. I kept trying to hit the cookies in the middle without result until I saw the other button


  6. Edit: it also works on IOS.


  7. Edit: I noticed that the glitch only affects newer devices. The rabbit glitch is on my phone with android 9. (this year’s phone), but on my older phone (android 6.0) there is no glitch.


  8. Same here. Cannot clear the rabbits. Just zooms for a while but nothing happens.


  9. Yes when i touch the rabbit nothing happens for five seconds and game comes back to normal


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