Double Or Nothing Main Questline: Casino Locale

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s go on our travels through this of the latest event Double Or Nothing.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline.

 Casino Locale Pt. 1

Learn About The Event: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Blue Boy Groups Are Here: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Have Peter Bang The Jukebox: 4hrs

Completed Task 5  100  

 Casino Locale Pt. 2

Clear 1 Blue Boy Group: Requires 1 Paint Barrel
Place Quahog Slots Machine: Costs 200 Chips

Completed Task 5  100  

 Casino Locale Pt. 3

Learn About Casino Worker: Tap on “GO” to learn more
Clear 3 Blue Group Boys: Requires 3 Paint Barrels
Clear 1 Casino Worker: Fully defeat 1 Casino Worker, requires Decks of Cards and Lounge Lizard Stewie and/or Lounge Lizard Brian and/or The Librarian

Completed Task 5  100  

 Casino Locale Pt. 4

Place The All In One Poker Theatre: Costs 250 Chips
Have Lounge Lizard Stewie Give The Finger: 8hrs

Completed Task 5  100  

 Casino Locale Pt. 5

Have Quagmire Bring A Lady Home: 8hrs
Clear 2 Casino Workers: Fully defeat 2 Casino Workers, requires Decks of Cards and Lounge Lizard Stewie and/or Lounge Lizard Brian and/or The Librarian
Place The House Always Wins Blackjack Table: Costs 300 Chips

Completed Task 5  100  

 Casino Locale Pt. 6

Clear 12 Blue Boy Groups: Requires 12 Paint Barrels
Place High Rollers Roulette Room: Costs 400 Chips
Learn About The Vegas Thug: Tap on “GO” to learn more

Completed Task 5  100  

 Casino Locale Pt. 7

Have Lounge Lizard Brian Smoke A Cigar: 1hr
Take Down Vegas Thug: Fully defeat him, requires Money Suitcases and Lounge Lizard Stewie and/or Lounge Lizard Brian and/or The Librarian
Wait For Phase 2 To Start!!!

Completed Task Probably 5  100   

There you have it, the main 1uestline that will take you along this week of the event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

~ Russian Tigger

12 responses to “Double Or Nothing Main Questline: Casino Locale

  1. My high rollers roulette room is still lock after building the three previous buildings/rooms.


  2. Credit cards to unlock Lounge Lizard Brian are “common”? At 0 drops for 5 attempts, I don’t think so! Rare drops usually give better results than this.

    One of my biggest grips with the game is when they grossly mislabel the frequency of drops, and they do it quite a bit.


  3. Part 7


  4. I finished Week 1 on Saturday and am debating what to hoard and whether to keep defeating casino workers and thugs to amass poker chips or to hoard decks of cards or money suitcases instead. For now, I have left a Vegas Thug at 8/16. Would you keep knocking over casino workers or just leave them alone? I’ve got about 1,000 extra chips left over. Should I push for more chips or just leave the casino workers and thugs alone for the next 4 days? Opinions?


  5. Not really as once you get Stewie you don’t get champagne bottles from clearing the blue guys just the chips which I suppose is the reason for clearing 12 to take you to the 400 needed for high rollers roulette room


  6. Finishe Part 7 and ready for Week 2 Saturday morning in Florida playing FFFreemium. Not too bad, actually.


  7. Went pretty quickly, actually. I’m almost done with Part 7. The drops were all good. In my battles with Casino Workers, Stewie hit a first-round knockout and cleared her with a -8 while only suffering a -4, so I don’t it again. I knocked out two Casino Workers without even having to heal Stewie. Awesome.


  8. I’m finding the paint cans are hardly dropping, so it will take me a long time to unlock LL Stewie…


  9. Wait…what? So say I don’t want to spend the clams on the Librarian. I need Lounge Lizard Brian &/or Stewie in order to Battle the Casino Workers or Vegas Thugs. Ok, fine unlocking Stewie seems simple enough, except: 21 Champagne Bottles? Which can only be obtained from clearing Blue Boy Group, which requires 21 Paint Barrels. Ok, fine. There are 3 characters that drop them, & it’s a 4 hr common drop, it will take some time but very doable. Now at part 6 you need to clear another 12 Blue Boy Groups? Which will give you another 12 Champagne Bottles you no longer need, because you’ve already unlocked LL Stewie. (Even if you get the Librarian w/ Clams, LL Stewie has a task in PT 4 so, you’ll still have him by Pt 6) Also, once you finally battle a Vegas Thug, he’ll give you 15 paint barrels, great for clearing the Blue Boys, except you’ve already cleared 16 of them, just from the questline, not to mention all the others just to unlock Stewie. So save for week 2 & 3, I guess? The Slot Machine should be dropping Paint Barrels or Champagne, not lucky 7s. Otherwise, seems like a fairly simple straightforward week. However, all I said above is confusing & does seem to make the week run in circles & do a lot of unnecessary work.

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    • I read this a few days ago and made it sound like this week was going to be terrible.
      Fast forward to today (Sunday), I’ve unlocked both Brian and Stewie and finished the questline. I guess sometimes events are easier than they look (almost like the makers know what they’re doing sometime)!


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