Double Or Nothng Phase 3 Coming Soon!!!!

Hey there!

Just popping in for a moment to remind you that if you that phase 3 is coming, I know the Questline says it will start on Thursday but I’m not sure that’s right, I’ve tried to get confirmation from support but not heard back as yet, but I’d be ready for it starting later today just incase, so don’t be sending any of your core or event characters such on the Go For Gold task.

8 responses to “Double Or Nothng Phase 3 Coming Soon!!!!

  1. I’ll be honest, I’m very disappointed that they started Phase 3 on Wednesday instead of Thursday like the end of the Phase 2 questline started. I put some key characters on long time tasks earlier Wednesday because I trusted what they said about it not starting until Thursday. Otherwise, I would have let them roam around so they could be free at 2pm when the next phase hit.


  2. My phase 2 ended, got the clams, but phase 3 doesn’t get triggered?
    Anyone else having this issue?


  3. southbeacharchi

    Do you have to unlock the Weenie character before the next phase starts or lose the trophy?


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