Working From Home – Who Drops Event Currency?

Here’s your quick guide to who and what drops Toilet Rolls for this event!!!

Director Stewie
WFH Peter
Toilet Throne
Clearing Rent A Cops
Completing Questline Parts  

13 responses to “Working From Home – Who Drops Event Currency?

  1. I for one wouldn’t still be with the game if it were not for this blog. I think the Tiny Co developers are ace, and the different campaigns are funn6 and interesting…. still, I wouldn’t have invested all those years without the help I get from RT.

    ps. I read “Big whoop”, thought “want to fight about it?” Boom! It’s like Pavlov’s dog.

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  2. Almost on Pt 5. Pt 4 is just Have Bruce Work Half a Day and Earn 50 Toilet Paper. Anyone have the Pt 5 tasks yet. It would be really helpful if the very first thing posted was just the tasks for each level. No photos even necessary. We just need to know what to save up.


    • RussianTigger

      Tristan, I think I’ve been incredibly patient with your constant requests for information, a lot of which is either already on the site or provided as fast as possible. However the whole Questline was put up yesterday within a couple of hours of the event launching. If you looked at either the posts or my reply to your comment asking for Part 4 you’d know that. You complained recently comments weren’t being posted, this shows that the issue isn’t your comments aren’t posted but you fail to check if they are, as if you did you would see the replies to your question as if you did you wouldn’t be asking for Questline parts that are on the site already. In fact it’s the post before the one your commenting on.

      The Questline can’t always be posted immediately as I can’t spawn things such as Rent A Cops any faster than anyone else. But it was up very fast last night.

      The only post you want may be the Questline but others want full information. I’m sorry but I’m not going to change things to accommodate a player who likes to complete events in a day or two, the site is there to help everyone but especially the players who are struggling with events or glitches.

      If the information on the site isn’t what you need, then have you thought you could start up your own blog, using up your own free time, and of course for no payment. This site eats into my time but it does not pay my bills, so please remember that next time you post.

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      • Yeesh, what is with this guy?

        All I ever see from him is bragging about how much further ahead he is than anyone else. When we all know that he is just punishing that fast-forward button to get there. Big whoop…
        He kinda makes me wish that we could delete comments (or at least mute him altogether) because it is just the same self-indulgent nonsense over and over.

        I really feel for you RT, you’re just trying to keep this all together, and helping us to make sense of this wacky game – and you have to deal with this kind of lunacy from some attention-seeker. Don’t change a thing for that windbag, you are doing just fine keeping the spirit and purpose of this site the same as it always has been. Feel free to ignore this “FastForward King” and maybe he will scurry off to find someone that actually cares.


        • RussianTigger

          Thanks, I try to cover all bases to help, new, old and returning players.


        • Totally agree the site is here to help everyone, not just one person so he can Fast forward everything to finish more quickly than anyone else and then brag about it on here. Like you have said before while you get certain perks that mean you can advance the game a bit, it still doesn’t help with spawn rates of baddies.

          To be honest I can’t see the joy of playing a game and using fast forward for everything, yes use it if you want to complete a task that is due to end before you go to sleep so you are not wasting precious time while you are asleep.
          Also the fast forward feature is not FFFremium as he likes to point out as every time you use the fast forward feature you lose the chance to collect clams from the TV if you have it.


        • YES… I agree with Blazpheme totally.


      • Hallelujah!!!


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