The Wild King Phase 2 – Where Are You Now Poll

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with this phase of the event halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now Poll.

So  you best get busy casting your votes Addicts. And remember the results will show and update as players answer, so it will also let you gauge where you are compared to others.

Thanks as always and feel free to leave any feedback or thoughts in the comments.

3 responses to “The Wild King Phase 2 – Where Are You Now Poll

  1. I literally spent over a day using up most of my saved tickets to get gorillas to show up for part 5 of the main questline. I now firmly believe that the estimated chances of finding different creatures is a lie. Anyway, that slowed me down compared to how I should have progressed. Should unlock Bruck by noon or so.


  2. Right now, I have unlocked all the buildings, have around 1300 ground beef, around 30 steaks, around 41 tickets, and Bruce is on his mini questline. Which means, I will probably screw it up on week three and fall behind, LOL

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