Summer Stroke Tips For Phase 2!!!

As this  phase of is well under way I thought I’d give my thoughts on what you might want to stockpile for phase 2.

Please be aware this is just my guess, I could be wrong, but this is the currency/materials I’ll be concentrating on.


You may also want to keep a couple of Bullets handy incase they are needed to move along the main Questline.


8 responses to “Summer Stroke Tips For Phase 2!!!

  1. Oh okay, thanks. It doesn’t show they just flew up the top of screen. I earned them after buying golden peter from QHS


  2. When does phase 2 start?


  3. This may sound dumb but I am fairly new, anyone know what the golden top hats are used for? I have 5 so far


  4. Might be a good idea to gather bullets as well.

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