Tell Jam City what you want!!! You asked, they listened – Clam Spend Confirmation Alternate Quahogs

As you know I sometime put up posts where you can share with Jam City any ideas you have or suggestions to improve your game experience, I then wave it in front of them and wait…..


Despite this game being almost 6 years old now, Jam City Support are continuing to show they are listening and I like to give them credit for that, as we are quick enough to complain when they don’t listen.

So what’s new? Well some players were rightly annoyed when they lost clams when they clicked on premium land blocks in Alternate Quahogs, this includes me, so they asked for a confirmation box to pop up to confirm we want to spend clams to unlock these land blocks.

Support were immediately sympathetic and now we’ve got the pop up asked for, so this should make some a bit more comfortable when checking out the land blocks available.

But I’m sure there’s more to be done to make Quahog great again, so if there’s anything you want me to ask them about just comment below and I’ll certainly bring any reasonable and sensible suggestions to their attention. 

23 responses to “Tell Jam City what you want!!! You asked, they listened – Clam Spend Confirmation Alternate Quahogs

  1. As much as I appreciate that they listened and will give us ability to send all for gold, this whole idea of QHS is wrong. It should be nothing else, but same pattern as Tan Lines. I put characters in and collect from the building accumulated gold medals. No sending, no endless tapping. Just as now – 8 hour cycles. So much easier and less frustrating.


  2. To be able to play the game, haven’t been able to play the last 3 Events because of Crashing, was supposed to be sorted but isn’t!!!😡


  3. The one thing that would increase my enjoyment of the game is a Tan Lines type loading system for the Quahog Historical Society. One tap brings up a grid of faces, showing you who is wandering around and not preforming a task and then tap tap tap tap, you select the characters you want in the QHS and send them all in at the same time. It is mind numbingly tedious selecting and then swiping each character when you’re doing 50, 75, 100, or more, one after the other.


  4. Fabrizio Azzolini

    A way to automatically pull out event characters from the Historical or Tan lines buildings..each event means sorting through 300 characters just to find the event ones..i know real world problems..but would be a real quality of life inprovment. Thank you!!


  5. I am still having trouble with the ulternate universe on my game
    Is there an update for it or is there some other way to get it going or is it still in the trial phase


  6. I’d like to see, or actually HEAR new characters. The ones added from the recent TV episodes were mute and I don’t get it, as they already had their voices recorded. Now it is closer to comic books than tv-show.


  7. ability to cancel sending someone on a task.

    just ensuring the game syncs better so if you send a person on a 4 hour task, you don’t log back in to check after 4 hours and find they didn’t complete the task and it was like you never sent them.


  8. I would like a real estate agency to add to Quahog that has a listing of old buildings from past events that we could purchase. Have it like QHS where a certain amount of buildings are listed first then every 3 days more are listed.

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    • Yes, I also want this feature, it would be cool a Halloween Zone with all past Halloween Event buildings and Decorations. Also I have a lot of buildings and decorations (includions NPC’S) that I miss.


    • That’s a great idea!! Well done!! I hope they are listening.


    • That is an excellent idea. I have several character tasks that are locked because I don’t have something from whatever event it was. Examples: Penny Arcade for Bruce, Kimono shop and Ed’s motel for Cleveland Jr. And Diabeto and several others.


  9. I think the spin n’ win should replace xp and coins with medals and trophies.


  10. My app keeps crashing

    Sent from my iPhone



  11. Perfect timing for this post. I installed the latest update on my Android S10 last night and the speed that my game now runs at is incredible. It has progressively been getting laggy over the past few weeks, but for the past 7-10…..laggy is being polite. It was painful playing…. Just to send a character for a task. Whatever bugs you guys worked out, it’s so appreciated. It’s actually a pleasure to play again. I can’t thank you enough.


    • EXACTLY!!!!!! I almost gave up the game. It was taking close to 20 minutes to load the game, clear tasks, and then assign new tasks. I actually went from playing every 4 hours to once or twice a day the last week or so. Shoot, I even almost went and bought a new phone. At least now I can hold out for a black Friday deal in a few months!!


  12. An easier way of selecting character outfits than scrolling endlessly to the side.

    *Whispering voice* Also some content for Futurama would be appreciated.


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