Event Glitch – Materials, tasks and unlocked buildings resetting

Just wanted to put up a post to say there’s another glitch on the loose, I’m seeing it in my game, tasks have reset, materials disappeared, buildings I’d bought are back for sale, and Jerome keeps popping up to be put on task even when he’s on one already. I’ve reported it to support, but wanted put up a post to ask others who have the issue to report it asap.


16 responses to “Event Glitch – Materials, tasks and unlocked buildings resetting

  1. That is truly disappointing. They fixed one BIG performance glitch and caused new one. Maybe in the process, maybe separately by accident. It gets harder and harder to keep forgiving…


  2. I’m not seeing things taken away but in the last few days buildings and characters can now collect things like a doll, sword and what looks like to sheets of pink paper. I have not completed any day to day tasks and it never seems to count towards a task. Was there a character I missed somewhere


  3. Figured out the item drops are for E-Stewieland. Don’t know if the LRRH Stewie was a glitch or part of that.


  4. Little Red Riding Hood Stewie appeared out of nowhere for me (I did already have his companion deco), and I have tasks and buildings dropping a few things from other events.


  5. You think they might extend the event because of these glitches?


  6. I had similar trouble in my game, support gave me 75 clams. I should be unlocking space camp instructor tuesday and bank the free clams.


  7. The only thing that has happened to me is that when i go to check the space camp instructor progress to see how much things are left my game crashes i havent reported it but i dont know if its a pointless thing to report


  8. I have a glitch that is holding Space Meg hostage in the Rocket. I had her on task. It won’t show her as completing the task but when I search for her, it tells me she’s there. 🤷🏻‍♀️


  9. Not sure if this is related or not but I was just coming here to report something similar.

    I sent Space Camp Peter & Chris on investigations & now they disappeared. There is no progress bar under the ! above the building. When I click on the building it is empty but when I click on their characters on the side it says they are busy. When I click go, it takes me to the investigation room, they are in, but doesn’t show them there & the clock is at 1 HR 30 min. I’m pretty sure they should actually be done in there since they were put in, I have no way of getting them out. I have shut down & restarted a few times. Also had Space Currency converting to Moon Rocks. 1 that was almost finished & another 1 or 2 in the que. They are now all gone & showing zero.

    That’s basically the exact message I sent to support. A little concerned though because it’s a Friday afternoon of a holiday weekend. I’d probably be done by Sat morning/afternoon at the latest, but without those two I’m completely stuck.


  10. I’ve done so. Haven’t had the Jerome issue, but the glitch did rip off my materials in the gift shop. And the game was running so well.

    Might it have to do with the 3.3 5 update that showed up today?


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