Potential Glitch – I’ve worked out this is linked to E-Stewieland glitch some of us had

I’ve got Phase 3 and the apology to trigger by going to E-Stewieland and Peter then triggered a little ad of Questlines – so this will hopefully help others who don’t see Phase 3 Questline, Petty Little Liars.

Unfortunately it also triggered more duplicates for me, in this case Joe is glitched and his costumes locked again in QHS. But as I say it’s got me playing the event again.

12 responses to “Potential Glitch – I’ve worked out this is linked to E-Stewieland glitch some of us had

  1. i feel like some of the costumes that have re-appeared for me i had a few of them already – cheerleader bonnie, sunburnt quagmire, gay stewie, stick up cleveland – but i obviously can’t confirm it now.

    have JC said whether these costumes are part of a larger issue/bug and will be locked down again in a future release?
    nobody wants to be in the siutation where we start sending characters on tasks to unlock a costume and then a few items before the end it’s removed like it never happened


  2. I don’t think my problem has anything to do with this glitch, but I don’t know where else to post my question. Suddenly I have 29 new costumes available in Al Harringtons. Some can be purchased with clams only, but most of them require items from various tasks. All the main characters have 5 or 6 tasks to possibly get an item and it’s complete chaos. I’m going to need a chart so I can focus on the needs of specific characters so I can start knocking them off one at a time. Do you know anything about this? Is it one of those mistakes that just disappears in a few days? I did update the app last night but I’m not sure that has anything to do with this. it all started when phase 3 started.



    • I’m trying to find out more as I’ve the same in one my games, not as many as you but still quite a lot of returning characters/costumes


  3. Did anyone happen to get a screenshot of the apology letter I accidently skipped it lol, the statue & 50 clams was nice tho.


  4. Got the Phase 3 questline and the apology reward, but didn’t have to go to E-Stewieland to get it. On iOS 3.4.0.


  5. Anyone else having what looks like overlapping games? More than a few of my characters have multiple items they can go after. For instance, Quagmire has five items he can try to get. 2-hour quest to get a multiple box, a 4-hour quest to get a multiple box, a 6-hour quest to get handcuffs, an 8-hour quest to get handcuffs, and a 10-hour quest to get hairspray. None of these items seem to have anything to do with the current game. He isn’t the only character.


  6. Got a load of extra characters to earn in Harringtons, Kentucky Fried Giant Chicken, Miss Bonnita, Mermaid Bruce, Refrigerator Meg, Biker Brian, Gangster School Girl Tricia, Gay Couple Stewie, Stick up Cleveland and Miami Cup Cleveland, so involve getting items and others to buy for clams


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