Tell Jam City what you want!!! You asked, they listened – Send All – Go For Gold

As you know I sometime put up posts where you can share with Jam City any ideas you have or suggestions to improve your game experience, I then wave it in front of them and wait…..


Despite this game being over 6 years old now, Jam City Support are continuing to show they are listening and I like to give them credit for that, as we are quick enough to complain when they don’t listen.

So what’s new? Well since QHS hit our games almost a year ago, you’ve all been crying out for a Send All button for the Go For Gold task. And finally it’s here, now I’m going be honest in my opinion it should have been in the game sooner, only arriving once we are at Rank 102 is a disappointment and unfortunately on top of that l need to warn you it can cause some freezing in games. But those grips aside when it works it’s a fab addition for those who have been putting 100’s of characters on this task individually.

But before I explain how it works, I urge caution when using it as it will put characters needed for events on the task if they are not already on a task when you use it, so make sure you don’t accidentally tie up essential characters for 8 hours when you use this.

Okay how does it work, well basically if you use it, it will put any characters that are roaming your Quahog or in your inventory on the Go For Gold task, but NOT any characters that are in Tan Lines, you’ll need to check them out manually.

It costs 50  per character to put them on the task, so it will also help to use up some that excess game coins you’ve got sitting.

It’s also very easy to use, simply press the QHS icon, and you’ll see the new Send All button on the main page.

Tap the button and you’ll see the confirm box. The amount of game coins shown will depend on how many characters you are sending. Here you can see I’m only sending 1 so the cost is 50. All I need to do is hit BUY and that’s it done.

So there you go, another wish granted by the game team at Jam City. Please thank them and tell them what you think in the comments.

25 responses to “Tell Jam City what you want!!! You asked, they listened – Send All – Go For Gold

  1. Midwest Traveler

    I was thrilled yesterday when I noticed this and tried it out. It now appears to be gone. Gonna guess there were issues and they pulled it. Hope it comes back – this will keep me checking on them.


  2. Just opened the game a few minutes and both buttons are gone. I could cry.


  3. Go for the gold
    Send all characters to look for the gold
    $ 13050
    Nah buy

    It worked. Happy


  4. I just tried the new buttons and they work pretty well! The characters get released from the building a bit slow (I could tap faster), but at least it works.

    The funniest part is that when you press the button to ‘send all’, all of the characters turn around at the same time and head back to the QHS in a huge mob.

    I was able to end the tasks and re-send everyone on the task in about 30 seconds. I only have around 40-50 characters in there, but that’s a nice time saver right there!!


  5. Maybe they should change the way the queue acts when you cycle through the characters to do jobs as if you have a few in the middle of the queue, when you send one to do the task it jumps back to the beginning of the queue, whereas it would be easier if the queue continued to the next character.
    I know there are other ways of sending characters to do jobs.
    It would be ideal if the characters who have items to collect or jobs to be done could be exempt from the button (I know the similar button in the Simpsons game does this for you)


  6. Since I was done collecting from Quakea, I decided to put all of my unused characters back into Tan Lines.

    However, I keep out commonly used characters for events (like Carter, Connie, Cleveland, Consuela, etc…). They all get put into the QHS until they are needed or just collect the coins. I also have any character from the most recent events that have gotten to level 15. I try not to keep that building to full as it has been a pain to sort through them all.

    Hopefully, this new ‘send all’ system will help a bit. It’s a nice addition.


  7. Tried Send all on my PC and it froze (Nox emulator), tried it again on my phone and it worked (Moto G7) so far it’s worked twice in a row on my phone (sending 300+ characters) so not sure if to blame emulation or the game having random issues with it, appears to be game related after reading replies here. Hopefully they get it sorted out as it’s a great QoL improvement.


  8. i want to like it, but i wish it was better, especially since there is a charge for it. It should at least only send characters where there are no active tasks available to be done. As a programmer myself, it seems like it could/should check each character to be sent(and costume of the character), and only send the ones to get gold if the gold task is the first one on all character and costumes, otherwise, leave it be.


  9. I honestly gave up on sending characters to go for the gold, got sick of all the tapping. All my extra characters had been sitting in the QHS building for the past few months up until now. These features are great, long overdue!


  10. I’ve found collecting all items laying around and letting your crowd disperse a bit before sending all helps with the freezing


  11. I haven’t tried the send all yet since I’m a bit worried I’ll accidentally send a character I need. I do enjoy the “unplugged” button next to it that releases all the finished characters from the Historical Society. It makes collecting gold tokens a lot easier!


  12. Another note: Any characters you have in inventory will be sent, so if like me you’ve kept frequently used characters in inventory, you’ll want to move them to Tan Lines instead.


  13. what does the button to the right of it do?


  14. I can’t wait to try this in 2 hours when all of my extra 300 characters are done currently in the QHS.


  15. The “collect gold from all” button worked fine for me (although it took a while…) but the send one was just freezing. So I sent a load of characters manually (about 100) and then tried it again and it worked (for 18200 coins which is supposedly 364 chars which I’m sure is more than I have so something’s not quite right there).

    So a workaround for freezing is to send them in batches (which means not using the “collect” button).

    Still an awesome addition and I definitely appreciate it!


    • oh I just realised it sends from the inventory, and I stuck my duplicates there… well that explains the high number of characters


    • It’s freezing for me with only 1 character wandering sometimes but thanks for your workaround. I’ll try find out if the cost escalates by how many you send but whatever still great addition as you say


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