InAPPropriate Intermission – Where Are You Now

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with the event halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now post.

So  you best get busy telling us how you’re getting on with collecting materials and completing the Questline.


9 responses to “InAPPropriate Intermission – Where Are You Now

  1. finished


  2. I’m done with the main questline. I finished it either late last night, or early this morning (I don’t remember, LOL). I am two waxes away from Cheetah Bonnie, and I’ve already gotten every other free costume that became available. The paranoid person in me is still collecting a little bit of the VHS tapes, just in case they decide to throw in something at the last minute LOL.


  3. I got it all 3 days ago. Now I’m trying to get the “extra costumes”. And I’m leaving the event with more than 75 VHS


  4. Need to click on four tv critics. Then i can place the executives meeting room and finish the guestline.


  5. I finished it already, got both costumes


  6. Pretty easy week. Got both characters by Saturday morning and finished the questline on Sunday morning.


  7. Your local family guy fan

    Got rugged Peter and greaser quagmire and all the buildings. Still working on getting eyes for anime Peter and midlife crisis Lois is being made. I need 1 more whip for Rambo Lois


  8. Almost done… I’m at the one task where you need 125 VHS Tapes. I think that’s the last one? I’m 30 away from 125.


  9. done come on halloween


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