Teen Trauma Phase 1 – Where Are You Now

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with the week halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now post.

So  you best get busy telling us how you’re getting on with collecting materials and completing the Questline.

19 responses to “Teen Trauma Phase 1 – Where Are You Now

  1. Got Chris a few days ago and just got quagmire. I’m a semi-new player so I don’t plan on being able to get Dracula but I’ll try. For scale I’m trying to get Carter and Stewie.


  2. Waiting for next phase


  3. Just unlocked Captain Pedantic with 1 day of week 1 left.

    Fought the bucket with Quagmire, which seemed odd as …
    1) it was stuck in the event area near the Mansion,
    2) it’s hit point was 0 and it’s health was only 4
    … so was no effort to beat it

    Glad to see they listened and changed the hit point down on the Ghosts from 8 to 6 so you can attempt 2 battles before chris gets wiped out.

    Went from struggling with ghosts to ready for Phase 2 in less than 24hrs


  4. Since Gray Ghosts kill Chris with one hit (until my last login where it changed to 6 damage instead of 8), it’s been slow going. I have everything else for Quagmire except enough of the Ghost drop item.


  5. Finally got Capt. Pedantic on Tuesday morning. Holdup was defeating the ghosts. Managed to get 2 knockouts, so I “only” had to fight 12 times instead of 14 to defeat the 7 ghosts that I needed. 2 out of 12 fights giving a knockout doesn’t seem like the 40% chance they claim.


  6. clearing ghosts, or half a ghost to be more exact…


  7. I got it all on Saturday. Now I’m just farming candies and other items


  8. I’m no where, absolutely no where because the horrible, no good support at this company refuses to help individuals that aren’t spending $100 a week on their horrible no good game. Haven’t been able to play for weeks and support is useless. As an early adopter of this game, I fell let down. Satisfied as an early player who started when Pee-Pee Pants Peter was introduced, quitting it now and knowing I haven’t spent money on it in years, I’m good. Good luck to any fools who continue to “pay” for this game.


    • Having worked with supports for years through the blog, that’s a bit unfair,ntheres lots of players who haven’t paid a penny to play who’ve had help. And the support team just now are the most helpful there’s been in years.

      What’s the issue you have and I’ll see if I can help.


  9. On danger things part 5. I’ve cleared the second ghost 4 times and every time on the second one game crashes and comes back up and says the ghost was cleared and stuff man health is down but the storyline doesn’t register the second cleared ghost for me.


    • This is a glitch that’s happened in previous events, please don’t waste any more resources trying to clear this, contact support and ask for help, and explain you’ve lost Bats as a results of trying


  10. Still on Danger Things part 5.

    Still need 2 rock candy, 8 stick candy, and 4 peanut candy. With Stiff Man taking 8 hours to clear one ghost (basically one ghost per day), I figure I’ll unlock Capt. Pedantic Thursday evening, which means I’ll get to phase 2 sometime around Saturday/Sunday.

    Some week 1s are really easy. Some, like this one, are unnecessarily complicated.


  11. Danger things part 6.
    Rock candy 7/8, stick candy 6/14, peanut candy 0/12


  12. I’m still trying to get this storyline’s Quagmire Captain Pedantic. I don’t use any clams to heal Chris to fight the ghosts. And I haven’t bought the Rugged Peter because I have 181 clams and already tight with real money so I can’t just pay rm for more clams.


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