Alternate Quahogs – Moonland & Beachland

Hey there Addicts, just wanted to let you know there’s 2 new lands been added to Alternate Quahogs, Moonland and Beachland. You’ll find them available to unlock for 200,000 and 125,00 coins respectively in the Alternate Quahogs menu.

This takes the total of lands available to all players to 7 now.

More information on land block costs coming soon.


One response to “Alternate Quahogs – Moonland & Beachland

  1. The land blocks for both new worlds have two components, tools from QUAKEA and rather large coin outlays. I had not noticed the huge amounts of coins that also appear as I was focusing on the tools.
    I had actually filed a support issue about my coin balance appearing to be draining.
    For those players that have maintained large building presences in Quahog and sweep up those coins consistently, the coins probably won’t be a problem. For those that are told by support to remove things so their game plays more smoothly, look out.


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