Thanksgiving 2020 is here….. and there are NO timed characters….

It’s time to see what’s going on down in Quahog with the latest event to hit our games.

I’m seeing the full event on the latest app versions, Android 3.4.5 and IOS 3.4.5.

I’ll get the Addicts Area post up and the overview post up as soon as I can.

But let me repeat the good news, there is NO unlock timer for Skinny Cowboy Chris or Rodeo Clown  Peter!!!

12 responses to “Thanksgiving 2020 is here….. and there are NO timed characters….

  1. Bonnie got stuck in the Shaky Balcony Saloon. Her task completed, it triggered the completion of the second step of the quest line, but now she’s locked in limbo behind the scenes like Shrödinger’s Character.
    The game says she’s there when you try to find her, but she’s not there according to the building itself.
    I’ve messaged Support, we’ll see how this goes!


  2. Anyone else not seeing the mechanical bull or redcoats? I can see their labels if I click in the area they’re located in, just not the actual characters


    • You won’t see the Bull until you find him during an investigation, and the redcoats are just placeholders, they won’t be in event until phases 2 & 3


  3. Skinny Cowboy Chris requires 7 x TNT. It looks like TNT is only available from the TNT Statue. The TNT Statue is 199 clams. So, can I assume I will only ever be able to get Skinny Cowboy Chris once I have spent 199 clams? Or will there eventually be another way to get TNT?


  4. They aren’t getting very creative anymore are they? we just did Life’s a Zoo in June. =\


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