Lizards And Lairs VIP Season Pass Main Prize

The main prize for this VIP Season Pass is Dragonmire Baby, another new and exclusive character. But remember you’ll only be able to claim him if you pay clams or cash to unlock the VIP prize track, and then earn the 6000 XP (D20s) to unlock him.

6 responses to “Lizards And Lairs VIP Season Pass Main Prize

  1. Not many clams in this Season pass. Pretty poor ROI.


  2. If you unlock the VIP Season Pass, is it unlocked for all future Season Pass events, or just the current one?


  3. A poor Season pass compared to the last one IMHO. In the last one, you got enough combined clams in the free and VIP tracks that the clam price was only about 1/3 of the original outlay. In this one, you hardly get any clams back.


  4. I’m showing a Bruce Character in my Season’s Pass. Do you have any idea which one he is?


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