Saturday Night Peter VIP Season Pass Main Prize

The main prize for this VIP Season Pass is Roller Skate Consuela, another new and exclusive character. But remember you’ll only be able to claim her if you pay clams or cash to unlock the VIP prize track, and then earn the 4500 XP (Vinyl Records) to unlock her.

6 responses to “Saturday Night Peter VIP Season Pass Main Prize

  1. I contacted support to see if maybe mine was suppose to have more characters (mine showed the Stoner Guy and Rollerskating Consuela) and they said what RT said above. The whole set of characters they had up were
    -50s Diner Peter Skin
    -80’s Stewie
    -The Stoner Guy
    -70s Joe
    -Rollerskater Consuela.

    So if you already had those clams would show instead of the characters. Which I think is a little unfair, just in QHS alone there are at least 8 characters that look or fall into this time era that I don’t have. Especially since 50s Diner Peter was just in the Season Pass Sweet Booty event. I’m not sure how much work or how difficult it would be but I think having a bigger amount of characters and just rotating them for those who people dont have is a good idea. The one difficult thing with how it is and that idea is the longtime players are not going to have much variety or new characters at all to get and Season Pass could get real boring real quick for them.


  2. A bit disappointed that Consuela is the only character available on the prize track this time. As the last few times there have been 2 other characters as prizes. Plus as a bonus, price showed up as $4.99, but googleplay only put it through as £2.99. So quite a saving fot the clams, medals, materials and a character.


    • Ditto the disappointment on there only being one character available in this event. My first offering, there were three total and it was a no-brainer for me. The second time in my game, there were two total and I wavered but ultimately did it. This time, there is only the grand prize character and I am passing at a cost of 600 clams with clams returned as prizes to knock that down further.

      As the QHS has proven, people will work through tasks to add characters to the game. And since we NEVER have districts any more and are always involved in an event, past characters are worthless other than adding to the arsenal for QHS or Tan Lines (another now useless element in our game). What does it hurt to throw a few former characters/costumes in the Season Pass to show some value? You can’t get them into your game any other way and they don’t really help in events, so make them available and let us have fun adding them into our games.


    • I unlocked the Stoner Dude on mine. I guess i depends on which characters you already have.


  3. I only get one character in the season pass this time. Last event there were three. So even with more clams (making it effectively cost about 200) it seems to be worse value.

    Is that the same for everyone? Or maybe we get a 100 clams entry for a character we already have or something like that?

    I might still get it because 200 clams for a character and all the other stuff isn’t terrible value and working through the pass is kind of fun in itself.


    • Russian Tigger

      What you see depends on characters/costumes you already have, so we see different th7ngs. You may already have the extra characters/costumes being offered this time


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