Quahog Games Phase 2 is here….. and there are NO timed characters….

It’s time to see what’s going on down in Quahog with the latest event to hit our games.

***I’m having some ongoing issues with WordPress not saving and updating posts, so apologies about the delays just now, I’ll get the info up as soon as I can***

12 responses to “Quahog Games Phase 2 is here….. and there are NO timed characters….

  1. Any idea how many belts are required to beat the boxer fully and how many head gear you get for a full streak?


  2. Constantly crashing, unplayable (more so than normal). I’ll contact support but they will just say to reinstall…again. Guess my iPad is getting too old for TinyCo’s crummy coding.


  3. Is anyone else having issues with the game kicking you out in the middle of doing the game?? I am on an iPad and it’s happening a lot. I even cleared my town out keeping most my buildings in storage. It’s become just too annoying. Any suggestions??


  4. Started Phase 2 – first thing to do was to get majority of characters back from Go for the Gold (well over 200) to assign to new tasks. Game crashed 7 times in as many minutes before I got all characters back – now crashing every time I try to assign them with new tasks (particularly to get items for Volleyball Lois).
    What’s suddenly happened to this game???


    • Russian Tigger

      Have crashing issues as well on my iPads – I’ve reported it


      • Alan Prescott

        Have you had any response yet? I’ve heard nothing – game virtually unplayable at the moment 😦


      • Have you had any response? Support emailed me back to make sure I have a good Internet connection (it’s the same as it’s been for years), that I switched to low level graphics (has made no difference – still crashes), and to put any animated buildings/decorations in inventory (I have very few of these, and those I do have I had before Phase 2 was released.

        Since the new Phase was released the game’s gone from crashing once every few hours or so to every minute or two!!!

        The issue is theirs, they need to fix it, and they need to get into the habit of properly testing each new event/phase before it’s released.


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