E-Sports is here….. and it’s a quick one….

It’s time to break out your pjs as the latest event to hit our gamesis here.

But let me repeat that this is a very short event so get working on getting Gamer Neil ASAP!!

I’m questioning support about timer showing it as a 6 day event rather than usual 7.

26 responses to “E-Sports is here….. and it’s a quick one….

  1. Am I missing something? What are the tickets used for that are dropped by the arcade game?


  2. Wax Monster X

    re: Quagmire opening task. Thought it was just me. They did switch it and made you do it again under a diff Quagmire. WTD?!

    re: UPDATES. I got the loop as well, but then updated direct from Google Play Store. Worked fine.


  3. Just tried to get into the game and now I am stuck in an upgrade loop. It tells me there is an update available and to please upgrade. When I click on upgrade it gives me the option to Open or Uninstall. Open takes me right back to Please Upgrade. This is on a Samsung Galaxy S10.


  4. Upgrade?? When I try to start FGQFS I get a notification that there is an upgrade. I click upgrade and it takes me to google play and my only choices are Uninstall or Play the is no Upgrade. What Gives?????


  5. Sign a Puck task for Computer Chip was moved from Hockey Death to Bruce. Which makes sense, because… well, no, it makes no sense. Sigh.


  6. Hockey Death is listed in FAQ as a character for Computer Chips and at beginning of event had the task and item showing in list. Later in the day, the task is no longer in Hockey Death’s list, nor on regular Death or any of the skins. Reported to support.
    Tennis Player Quagmire is listed as character with a task, but that appears to have been moved to base Quagmire character.


  7. So….
    It looks like Hockey Death (8 hrs) got replaced with Bruce (8 hrs) for Computer Chips.
    I’m also pretty sure they changed the Quagmire task (4 hours) to start off Part 1 (as I completed it once and didn’t get credit for it).

    I think they need to stop releasing events and get their acts together.


  8. They already took a task away from hockey death. I think they gave one to Bruce in his place.


  9. The questline isn’t moving. I completed the task for Quagmire in Part 1, and it didn’t register.


  10. There is a problem with task one, Have Tennis Quagmire Restring His Racket drops a Game Controller but no progress. Ticket sent


  11. There is a problem with the first task not completing, Make Tennis Quagmire Restring His Racket drops a Game Controller but no progress. Ticket sent


  12. Fiona O'Dwyer

    Hi RT,
    I don’t seem to have Tennis Player Quagmire anywhere. Any tips on where I should be looking. Thanks


  13. You can’t start the eSports questline unless you have Tennis Player Quagmire. Finally an event I want to do, but can’t.


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