Season 200 Phase 2 Overview

It’s time for another adventure as a new event has come to Quahog.

Event Page

Click here to be taken to the event page where you’ll find links to every event post.


20th October 2021 at 4PM UTC)

You can see the countdown timer for the event and other details by clicking on the Event Info Icon at the bottom of your screen.


Please give your feedback on the previous event by clicking here!!!


A.I. Doll Shop not used for anything as yet

GAME announcements



Event buildings are sometimes locked for random players, only TinyCo can fix this so let them know through your game support.


Game crashing on older devices, and those with older/outdated software continues, it may be they can no longer handle the game. What I can tell you is if your device runs on 2gb of ram you may struggle with crashing, if it has less than 2gb ram it probably won’t run at all.


There’s 3 ways to do this, The first and best way is through your game main menu, select Help & Support and then tap ‘Contact Us’.

Go to their website and use the ‘Contact’ button:

However if neither of these are possible, then you can contact support via email. The email address to use is –

Main questline

Whack The Future


Giant Chicken Peter (Character): Main prize in the Mystery Box That costs 165  Clams.

Executive Lois (Costume):
35 Dirty Money (Always): Get from attacking Mr Shark Suit. Mystery Box
15 Tablets (Uncommon): Get from Chris, Executive Office Building 
30 Energy Cell (Common): Get from Bonnie, Teleporting Machine
14 Restraining Orders (Rare): Get from clearing Hoverboard Hipsters, Mystery Box
25 Diamonds (Common): Get from clearing Meg, Dr Hartman, Mystery Box 

You’ll earn 1 Quahog Historical Society Trophy for fully unlocking.

Mystery Box

Costs 165 Clams per try.

Prizes – please be aware some stuff is from previous events, you won’t see these if you’ve already got them. Materials can repeat. So here’s what you can win:

Giant Chicken Peter
170 Clams

Cyberpunk Chris
5 Restraining Orders
2 Dirty Money
20 Patchouli Oil
3 Diamonds
Big Money Dinosaur Lab
Automatic Beer Blaster
Brick And Mortar Shopping Experience

Please note that character skins won from a Mystery Box may need to be created at Al Harrington’s Outfits, and characters won from a Mystery Box may be located in the “characters” tab of your inventory.

I won Giant Chicken Peter on my 4th try.


Bribe  Shrine – 199  Drops 1 Bribe Money every 12hrs

Future Music Shrine Shrine – 199  Drops 2 Future Music every 24hrs

***The  other buildings for this Week can be found in Cybernetic Spare Parts, you’ll find full details in that section***


The main event currency is Carterbucks.

Carterbucks  (Always): Get from all characters who have event drops and tasks, Completing Questline Parts, Golden Carterbucks Shrine, Silver Carterbucks Shrine, Clearing Hoverboard Hipster, Attacking Mr Shark Suit

Future Music (Common) –  Get from Self Driving Car, Future Music Shrine 

You can see how many you have at the top of your screen.


Bribe Money (Common) –  Get from Pilot Consuela, Hacker Meg, Carter, BribeLaser Shrine

Laser Pointers (Common) –  Get from Lois, Renegade Cleveland, Hacking Meg, Time Traveller Stewie, Buy from Store

Patchouli Oil (Common) –  Get from clearing Drones in the Mini Game


1 Laser Pointer – 10 

5 Laser Pointers – 45 

10 Laser Pointers – 85 


The event area is an island in the water area, and there are 2 items in the usual event area you need to know about and these are:

Cybernetic Spare Parts 

A.I. Doll Shop – still not in use

cybernetic spare parts

Here is where you will spend the event currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock this week…

Self Driving Car: Chance Drop of 2 Future Music every 8hrs
Cost ~ 75 Carterbucks

Griffins Pen: Chance Drop of 1 Patchouli every 12hrs
Cost ~ 400 Carterbucks & 4 Future Music

Executive Office Building: Chance Drop of 2 Tablets every 6hrs
Cost ~ 400 Carterbucks & 4 Future Music

Teleporting Machine: Chance Drop of 2 Energy Cell every 4hrs
Cost ~ 500 Carterbucks & 4 Future Music

A.i. Doll Shop – STILL NOT IN USE

Here is where you can exchange your Patchouli Oil for Stink Bombs.

This is the exchanges I’ve seen in my game so far:

3 Patchouli Oil = 3 Stink Bomb

Hoverboard hipster

These are the little baddies this week of the event and are quite simple to deal with, just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events..

As usual will find they wander your sidewalks, you can find them by looking  there or using the Squatter Button.

Before you can clear them you’ll need to get a Patchouli Oil. Once you have this head to your sidewalks and simply tap one of them to bring up the targeting screen. Then move the it until the green target circle is on one, then simply hit the check mark to clear it.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 8 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing them is as follows:

For Each One Cleared:
10 Carterbucks (Chance)
1 Restraining Order (Chance)

mr shark suit

This Boss will trigger as soon as you start phase 1 of the event. This is your Main Boss this week. You will “Bribe” it with Bribe Money to defeat it to the highest level possible and obtain the most prizes.

You’ll see it wandering your sidewalks with a timer above its head.

Simply tap it and you’ll see the level requirement trade and rewards. Collect the Bribe Money necessary for the battle then hit, eh, “Bribe“.

Here is the general breakdown of cure costs and rewards.

1X – Requires 1 Bribe Money
Rewards – 10 Carterbucks & 1 Dirty Money

2X – Requires 2 Bribe Money
Rewards – 20 Carterbucks & 2 Dirty Money

3X – Requires 3 Bribe Money
Rewards – 30 Carterbucks & 4 Dirty Money

4X – Requires 4 Bribe Money
Rewards – 40 Carterbucks & 8 Dirty Money

5X – Requires 5 Bribe Money
Rewards – 50 Carterbucks & 12 Dirty Money

You have 24hrs to hit him to the  highest level you can before he will rest (cool down). His cool down is 2 hours.

Please note when he returns he will be back at 1x unless you’ve used clams to wake him at the level he went into cool down at.

There you have the overall basics to get you started through this phase of the latest Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know


15 responses to “Season 200 Phase 2 Overview

  1. For the AI Doll shop, which isn’t used this week, I’m seeing the exchange is 8 patchouli oil for 3 stinkbombs. Not 3 for 3.


  2. You forgot Cyberpunk Chris is also in the mystery box 😉


  3. Struggling to get future music from the car to unlock the buildings, had 1 drop in 3 days, anyone else?

    Liked by 1 person

  4. so if you’re collecting 2 drops each (8 hours) from Hartman and Meg per day, then to complete that requirement on time, they need to almost drop perfectly as a common item, and so far mine aren’t.


  5. Mr. Herbert and Tom Tucker are dropping laser pointers.

    Thanks for all the work you do. I’m not sure I’d still be playing if not for your site. Im here every day, so make that a BIG thzznkx.


  6. Along with Giant Chicken Peter, I also won Cyberpunk Chris out of the mystery box as well. First time I’ve seen two characters in there.

    I’m not too happy about the prizes that can be won more than once. Why do they still do that?


    • They often have a returning character/costume in the box, I didn’t see it, still don’t. I’ve asked time and time again to remove the repeats for materials and they did for a short period then boom back as it was


  7. Mr Shark Suit take down with fewest bribe money seems to be a 5x, 3x then a 1x. Taking 22 bribe money in total.
    15 bribe money for the 5x,
    6 bribe money for the 3x,
    1 bribe money for the 1x.


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