Season 200 Event Main Questline: Peter Of The Future

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s go on our travels through the latest event.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline. 

Pt. 1

Hoverboard Hipsters Can Now Dodge Patchouli Oil
Collect 1 Stink Bomb 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 2

Learn About The Boss Carter 
Collect 1 Debt

Have Renegade Cleveland Attack Drones 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 3

Have Herbert Use A Teleporting Machine 
Place The Hoverboard Store 
Collect 10 Bribe Money 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 4

Defeat The 5th Level Of Mr Shark Suit 
Place The Cyborg Beauty Gallery 
Fight The Boss Carter 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 5

Collect 450 Carterbucks
Place The Build A Child 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 6

Have Hoverboard Connie Ride A Hoverboard 
Collect 5 Stink Bombs 

Completed Task 5100  

Pt. 7

Collect 500 Carterbucks 
Have Renegade Cleveland Get Attacked By Drones
Place The Pewterschmidt Bank

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along this phase of the event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.


13 responses to “Season 200 Event Main Questline: Peter Of The Future

  1. Thank you. Did support respond?


  2. Tattoo machine 14/17 DNA 11/12 credit card 6/27


  3. Kind of strange:
    Part 6 Have hoverboard Connie ride a hoverboard
    Part 7 Have hoverboard Connie.

    The other way arround makes more sense
    Part 6 Have hoverboard Connie and part 7 Have hoverboard Connie ride a hoverboard.


  4. Progressing but can’t get credit cards need 27 and can get them butexecutive Lois not dropping required documents


  5. 3 days left and Lois isn’t dropping any debts. There is no building that drops any either. I’m stuck on 6 debts knowing I need 25 of them total to defeat Carter and get what I need for Hoverboard Connie. Not looking very good.


  6. At part 6 working on Connie. Drops to fight Carter are taking forever – trying to save up and fight several times in a row.


  7. Lois is the only freemium character that can collect debt and she takes 6 hours. Defeating Carter is going to be difficult.


  8. Looks like collecting debt will be the slow part this week. Started off 0-2


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