Time Traveller Madness – Just a heads up that the feature is being tested in some players games…

The feature is going live in a few players games as TinyCo do further testing. But don’t worry if you’re not one of the players that has it in their game as all players will see the function very soon.

You might still see the Time Machine in your store to place for free but it won’t do anything unless your game is part of the current beta testing.


10 responses to “Time Traveller Madness – Just a heads up that the feature is being tested in some players games…

  1. I tried it out today but I’m having bad luck. Is there a pattern for which portal to tap on?


  2. I’ve had the Time Machine in my game and I think it’s been a pointless addition to the event, the “rewards” include coins, QHS medals and xp.
    In order to obtain the higher rewards you have to build streaks but these can be lost at any time by hitting a time paradox which requires a 50 clam spend to continue with the streak or abandoning the rewards already built up.


  3. I’ve had the Time Machine in my game and found it a useless addition to the event with “rewards” of cash, xp and QHS medals at the lower levels. In order to obtain higher rewards you need to build streaks which can be completely lost at any point with a failed time jump unless you’re prepared to spend 50 clams to restore it.


  4. Darn. Was really hoping to find more info about how it works here 🤣


  5. The time traveler is cool you just have to figure out who drops uranium
    But you can only travel 4 times after that they want you to pay 50 clams to continue I’ve been getting XP which I can’t use cause I’m maxed out ant I get coins which I have 4 million so don’t need that either I don’t think you should have to pay 50 clams every 4th jump it takes 1 clam to jump the rewards aren’t worth 500 clams +


  6. Hey clammers, I am part of the BETA testing and I already found out that Lois and Peter drop uranium. Any hint on who is also dropping those lovely green gems to fire up the time machine? Thanks! 🙂


  7. It’s playable in mine, BUT I cannot send anymore characters to get uranium 😔


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