Quahog De Janeiro Phase 1 Main Questline: Carnival Conundrum

Hello Addicts!!!

Let’s go on our travels through this phase of the latest event.Yes it’s time for us to gather round and take a look at all you will encounter in the  Main Questline. 

Looks like there’s a Clam reward for completing this week’s Questline, if it follows recent events it will probably be 5  

Pt. 1

Learn About The Event
Have Chris Gawk At Dancers
Get 10 Feathers

Completed Task 5 100  

Pt. 2

Learn About Celebration Stages
Investigate The Dance Stage

Completed Task 5 100  

Pt. 3

Learn About The Backup Dancer
Clear 3 Backup Dancers
Place The Dressing Room

Completed Task 5 100  

Pt. 4

Learn About The Tropical Birds
Enter The Dressing Room
Place Feather Shop

Completed Task 5 100  

Pt. 5

Earn Vedette Peter
Enter The Feather Shop
Have Vedette Peter Take Down The Tropical Birds

Completed Task 5 100  

Pt. 6

Clear 7 Backup Dancers
Collect 400 Feathers: Note I had 89 Feathers when I triggered this part and it included those, so it immediately showed I had 89/400 but remember you must reach 400 to complete this part
Place The Mobile Throne Parking Lot

Completed Task 5 100  

Pt. 7

Place The Parade
Have Samba Cleveland Dance Samba
Wait For Phase 2 To Begin 

There you have it, the Main Questline that will take you along this phase of the latest event.

Where are you so far? Any tips for fellow Players? Liking it so far? Let us know.

2 responses to “Quahog De Janeiro Phase 1 Main Questline: Carnival Conundrum

  1. Maracas: 3/7


  2. @ part 7

    Items need for Samba Cleveland:
    Maracas 2/7, Fancy pants 9/12, Confetti 0/2

    Parade: Feathers 47/500


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