Quahog De Janeiro Phase 3 – Where Are You Now?

Hey there Addicts, it’s time to find out where how you’re getting on in the latest event to hit our games!Yes with the game week halfway over I thought it was time for the Where Are You Now post.

So  you best get busy telling us how you’re getting on with collecting materials and completing the Questline.


8 responses to “Quahog De Janeiro Phase 3 – Where Are You Now?

  1. Finished yesterday. Getting enough of those flowers was a bee ach.


  2. Just got
    Character from phase 3 by using clams. If I waited until I actually got everything it would take another week. Figured it was worth 25 clams. No chance of finishing the quest for phase 3.
    Not a fan of the layout. Need to collect a certain amount of one thing to get a CHANCE to get another thing. Then have to use other stuff collected to have a CHANCE to collect the final item. When it comes to times events, everything should be an always drop and/or always get certain characters (bee women, dancers, etc). When it’s a chance you waste so much time trying and never get what you want. It should be set so you m ow what you need to do. And make it reasonable so you don’t have to spend money (clams or decorations) to be able to finish.

    I figured 25 clams was worth the finish. Ended up getting 35 for finishing the last character. Good investment on my part.

    I want to enjoy the game. Not enjoying it when I have to worry about what I have and what I need. I stopped playing for over a year because of that. Getting to that point again. Tired of playing and feel like one getting nowhere. Maybe it’s time for another year or so away.


  3. Finished on Saturday, just finishing other random quests.


  4. Ready for next event


  5. Done.


  6. Last of stage 6: Fight Carnival Queen and should have Royal Carter once completed.


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