Site Announcement – Who is Squirrel Girl?

For the time being Russian Tigger has left the building, but don’t worry it’s only in name. For the foreseeable future and probably forever I’ll be blogging under my new pseudonym Squirrel Girl.  This was the original profile name I wanted but it wasn’t available back when I started blogging. So when I decided to change from RT last week I thought I’d see if it was available and voila, I’m now able to blog as my spirit animal, or daemon, whatever.  Seems appropriate since the worlds gone nuts!!!



8 responses to “Site Announcement – Who is Squirrel Girl?

  1. Well done for cutting the Russian connection. Thanks for all you do for us 😊


  2. Nice name change. Now the question is, when we get the MCU Squirrel Girl film, will you be voicing the character?


  3. Congrats on rediscovering your true identity! 🐿😄


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