Zodiac Signs Event Phase 3 Overview

GHIt’s time for another adventure as a new event has come to Quahog.

Event Page

Click here to be taken to the event page where you’ll find links to every event post.


6th April 2022 at 4PM UTC)

You can see the countdown timer for the event and other details by clicking on the Event Info Icon at the bottom of your screen.


Please give your feedback on the previous event by clicking here!!!



GAME announcements



Loading/Crashing error “Config empty for Id #N/A in Building Action”  – Been reported

Event buildings are sometimes locked for random players, only TinyCo can fix this so let them know through your game support.


Game crashing on older devices, and those with older/outdated software continues, it may be they can no longer handle the game. What I can tell you is if your device runs on 2gb of ram you may struggle with crashing, if it has less than 2gb ram it probably won’t run at all.


There’s 3 ways to do this, The first and best way is through your game main menu, select Help & Support and then tap ‘Contact Us’.

Go to their website and use the ‘Contact’ button: https://jamcity.helpshift.com/a/family-guy-the-quest-for-stuff/

However if neither of these are possible, then you can contact support via email. The email address to use is – support@jamcity.com

Main questline

Signing Off


Leo Carter (Character):Costs 270  Clams. Drops Fortune Cookies, Star Signs, Petroleum

 Aquarius Quagmire (Costume): Drops Fortune Cookies, Net Launcher
17 Animal Print Underwear (Common): Get from Herbert, Jungle Throne Room
15 Water Pails (Always): Get from Water Tower
15 Swimsuits (Rare): Get from Dr Hartman, Eccentric Billionaire Quagmire, Bullpen
27 Swim Fina (Always): Get from Bribing Brain Damaged Sea Goat
35 Oxygen Tanks (Common): Get from clearing Centaurs 

You’ll earn 1 Quahog Historical Society Trophy for fully unlocking.


Net Launcher Shrine – 199  Drops 2 Net Launchers every 24hrs

***The  other buildings for this Week can be found in the Obversatory, you’ll find full details in that section***


The main event currency is Snowballs.

Fortune Cookies  (Always): Get from all characters who have event drops and tasks, Completing Questline Parts, Golden Fortune Cookie Shrine, Silver Fortune Cookie Shrine, Clearing Centaurs, Clearing Reverse Merman

Telescope (Common) –  Get from Zodiac Marketplace, Telescope Shrine 

Horoscope( (Fake News) (Uncommon) –  Get from Seamus, Cancer Lois, Bonnie


Gunpowder(Always) –  Get from clearing Stars in the Mini Game, Exchange in Peeping Telescope 

Net Launcher (Uncommon) –  Get from Aquarius Quagmire, Gemini Chris, Scorpio Stewie, Net Launcher Shrine 

Petroleum (Common) –  Get from Aries Peter, Old Lady Joe, Carter, Petroleum Statue

Star Signs (Common) –  Get from Lois, Virgo Meg, Maid Stewie, Cancer Lois, Herbert, Tom Tucker, Scorpio Stewie, Buy from Store

Shotguns (Common) –  Get from clearing Stars in the Mini Game, Scorpion Nest


1 Star Sign – 10 

5 Star Sign – 45 

10 Star Sign – 85 


There are 2 items in the usual event area you need to know about and these are:


Peeping Telescope  (finally used this phase) 


Here is where you will spend the event currency you collect while playing the game to unlock Buildings & Decorations to use to further your game play in the Event.

Here are the items you can unlock this week…

Water Tower: Chance Drop of 2 Water Pail every 8hrs
Cost ~ 225 Fortune Cookies

Jungle Throne Room: Chance Drop of 1 Animal Print Underwear every 12hrs
Cost ~ 500 Fortune Cookies & 5 Horoscopes (Fake News)

Bullpen: Chance Drop of 2 Swimsuits every 6hrs
Cost ~ 800 Fortune Cookies & 15 Horoscopes (Fake News)

Zodiac Conspiracy Room: Chance Drop of 10 Fortune Cookies every 24hrs
Cost ~ 1000 Fortune Cookies & 15 Horoscopes (Fake News)

peeping telescope

Here is where you can exchange your Patchouli Oil for Stink Bombs.

This is the exchanges I’ve seen in my game so far:

8 Shotgun = 3 Gunpowder
9 Shotgun = 3 Gunpowder
12 Shotgun = 3 Gunpowder
14 Shotgun = 3 Gunpowder


These are still the little baddies this week of the event and are quite simple to deal with, just more of the tap, aim and fire we’ve seen in previous events..

As usual will find they wander your sidewalks, you can find them by looking  there or using the Squatter Button.

Now with these you can clear 4 with 1 Gunpowder, so my advice is to put down just a small area of Sidewalk and they will gather in that one small area making it easy to clear 4. Once you have at least 1 Gunpowder tap one and then place the target over them and fire.

I am seeing up to a maximum of 16 in my game.

The event rewards for clearing them is as follows:

For Each One Cleared:
10 Fortune Cookies (Always)
1 Oxygen Tank(Chance)

Brain damaged sea goat

This Boss will trigger as soon as you start phase 1 of the event. This is your Main Boss this week. You will “Fight” it with Net Launchers to defeat it to the highest level possible and obtain the most prizes.

You’ll see it wandering your sidewalks with a timer above its head.

Simply tap it and you’ll see the level requirement trade and rewards. Collect the Net Launcherx necessary for the battle then hit, eh, “Fight“.

Here is the general breakdown of cure costs and rewards.

1X – Requires 1 Net Launcher
Rewards – 25 Fortune Cookies & 1 Swim Fin

2X – Requires 3 Net Launchers
Rewards – 35 Fortune Cookies & 2 Swim Fins

3X – Requires 5 Net Launchers
Rewards – 45 Fortune Cookies & 4 Swim Fins

4X – Requires 7 Net Launchers
Rewards – 55 Fortune Cookies & 8 Swim Fins

5X – Requires 9 Net Launchers
Rewards – 65 Fortune Cookies & 12 Swim Fins

You have 24hrs to hit him to the  highest level you can before he will rest (cool down). His cool down is 2 hours.

Please note when he returns he will be back at 1x unless you’ve used clams to wake him at the level he went into cool down at.

There you have the overall basics to get you started through this phase of the latest Event. Where are you so far? Anything particular you like the most? Suggestions or tips to fellow players? Let us know.


37 responses to “Zodiac Signs Event Phase 3 Overview

  1. bit late this but Bonnie now drops launchers on a 4hr task as an uncommon drop. i found this out around 10pm UK time last night, ~20hrs before the event is due to end.

    even with this extra task most people still won’t have enough launchers by the time the event ends but, er, thanks JamCity, i guess.


  2. Bonnie drops net launchers now.


  3. It’s laughable that they gave Bonnie a 4Hr task for launchers with under 24hrs to go!


  4. I would gladly watch ads in order to earn the Sea Goat, but I do not have that feature in my game. Just saw, on the last full day of the event, that Bonnie now earns Net Launchers. No help unless the event is extended.


  5. Bonnie drops net launchers now. Saw it by random chance. They don’t even announce stuff like that anywhere.


  6. Yeah, this is impossible. I need 25 net launchers and so far I have a total of 6. I did use one to get past Part 4, but with 61 hours left that means I have a MAX of 10 I can get from Stewie, assuming I get every single drop.


  7. Brain dead sea goat is basically impossible, right? I have 5 net launchers and need 25. Didnt get any today. Only Stewie can get them, the task takes several hours so 2 or 3 attempts per day, and its an uncommon drop (which usually feels worse than “rare”). Even for tqfs this is a tough (i.e
    Impossible) one. Shame as had been generally much more comfortable lately.


  8. The only way to even remotely have a shot at attaining Aquarius Quagmire is to keep watching ads to advance Scorpio Stewie‘s action to get a launcher. Or use clams.
    I FINALLY got the 25 launchers needed and defeated the Brain Damaged Goat today.
    I watched a ton of ads. Otherwise I never would have gotten enough.
    Just need 1 more swimsuit!


  9. 25 net launchers. 1 Character – 6 hour – uncommon.
    Absolute maximum yield of 2 a day but normally just 1.

    7 day event:
    1 a day = 7 total
    2 a day = 14 total

    It would have to drop “always” for you to get 28 in 7 days and if you slept more than 6 hours a day, you’d only get 21.

    Bringing up to them is pointless. They know. They are preying on the people who want to get all the characters in the vent and always pull this stunt at the end of an event.

    It’s cheaper by a little bit to collect as many from Stewie, attack as many times as you can and use clams to get the rest.

    Liked by 2 people

  10. The only way to even remotely have a shot at attaining Aquarius Quagmire is to keep watching ads or trade in a bunch of clams to advance Scorpio Stewie‘s action to get a launcher.


  11. Even with having the season pass and getting Gemini Chris, the drop rate of net launchers is extremely poor, and it seems that you need Scorpio Stewie, Gemini Chris, AND the net launchers shrine to be able to get enough net launchers to run the full streak on the goat. That’s pretty sad.


  12. Scorpio Stewie dropped exactly 1 Net Launcher in 3 days. I contacted support. They basically said, Yep, good luck, you should buy every character, and we aren’t doing anything about it. I hate events like this.

    Liked by 1 person

  13. Wax Monster X

    Yeah, another screwy event. No logic to get Aquarius Quagmire. I gave up and just sending everybody to get gold coins. Would love to get the last 20 or so people in the QHS, but with them hitting the 20,000+ tag, it’s taking forever.


  14. So I emailed tiny co about net launchers and basically they said what’s in their FAQs

    So as a rebuttal to the net launchers explanation I sent them this….

    Aquarius Quagmire is the character we are trying to unlock, and he requires 27 swim fins but you need 25 net launchers to bribe CARTER to get all the fins. So he is not currently a useable character

    Gemini Chris Is got through the VIP track so not useable w/o spending $ & clams

    Scorpio Stewie – unlocked in a previous phase but it’s a 6hr task and we need 25 net launchers as previously mentioned.

    Launcher Shrine – purchased w/clams so not available unless you want to spend $

    Doing the math:

    6×25= 150hrs (6 days 6hrs). So, unless I don’t sleep and hit absolutely perfect, there is no way with 1 character to unlock quagmire.

    I should not have to pay money to buy clams to get a character!

    I have 4, so 21 left 21*6 =126hrs (5days 6 hrs) which is Wednesday at about 6am. So 6hrs to spare. So I’ve wasted 12 of my spare hours already just by sleeping and having a life!


  15. Yeah, these fake news drops are horrible. And waiting to get 10 petroleum when I already had 34 of them just so I could fight the merman to get a bunch of fortune cookies is ridiculous. Now I have to hold off fighting the goat til I collect enough net launchers to run the entire amount of items needed. So I am stuck on this task waiting for that. Sigh.


  16. Their solution to to the shortage of net launchers will be one of those ‘buy a character and get net launchers free’ or something like that.


  17. With essentially only Scorpio Stewie to drop Net Launchers (what is the point of having Aquarius Quagmire drop them if you need Swim Fins to get him?), I don’t see how Aquarius Quagmire in attainable. Maybe even for non-freemium players, since the shop item that drops them only does so every 24 hours. Seems impossible or nearly so, by my math.


    • I agree, reported this issue when this was used for a previous event. Will do so again

      Liked by 1 person

    • I believe this is designed on purpose to force people to buy the VIP pass because, if I’m not wrong, Gemini Chris is the only other character that drops Net Launchers. So, getting the shrines alone is not enough.
      The last similar event had the same situation, so I don’t expect them to do any change. It’s working as intended.


    • Historyguy197

      Now they have included Gemini Chris and eccentric millionaire Quagmire, but even at that its going to be virtually impossible. I’m only getting one out of every three or so drops. I’m not really upset though. The Aquarius Quagmire isn’t that interesting. But it makes you wonder how they test these event? Do they even test them at all? How does something like this get all the way to launch?


  18. This is trash, again. Even with the Net Launcher Shrine, with only Scorpio Stewie able to get “Uncommon” net launchers, I believe it is nearly mathematically impossible to get 25 Net launchers in the 7 days. If you collected from Stewie EVERY single time and he ALWAYS dropped, I guess maybe.(?) I really wish they would just not recycle events and what you need to attain, because it seems like this constantly happens every other 3-week event. Like I said…trash.


  19. Brain Dead Sea Goat is fought with Net Launchers, not Petroleum.


  20. At first sight it seems very hard to collect enough petroleum and fake news to win aquarius Quagmire!


  21. Just noticed and think it may have been on each of this events phase pages, the Event area is NOT on an island in the water area, it is in the standard event area to the right/above the base Quahog.


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