FGQFS Leaderboard Exclusive Characters & Costumes

The following post will list the exclusive characters and costumes you could win in Leaderboards.

Legs All The Way Up Griffin (Reality TV)
Speed Skater Quagmire (Extreme Sports)

Boris The Animal (Guys In Black)
Bad Boy Peter (Winter Summer Reunion)
K-Pop Cleveland (Winter Summer Reunion)
Megazord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Blackbeard Stewie (Peter’s Booty Haul)
Hercules (Greek Life)
Aphrodite (Greek Life)
Borg Rupert (Star Trek Second Contact)
Bertram (Star Trek Second Contact)
God (Raid To The North Pole)
Chuggs (Raid To The North Pole)
Robot Elf (Raid To The North Pole)
Starlight Express Peter (PeterPalooza)
Bad Trip Stewie (PeterPalooza)
Don Corleone (Mobster Event)
Zoot Suit Stewie (Mobster Event)

2 responses to “FGQFS Leaderboard Exclusive Characters & Costumes

  1. I wasn’t anywhere near the top of the leaderboard and I was awarded Speed Skater Quagmire today, so that’s pretty cool.


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