FGQFS Exclusive Characters & Costumes

The following post will list the exclusive characters and costumes you could get through Clam Bundles, VIP Pass, Time Travel, Cascade Sales, Material Bundles and Leaderboards. They may return in other ways but they were originally exclusive to the most premium players.

Puppy Sweater Brian
Fangirl Connie
Dancer Stewie (Quardi Gras)
Gummy Brian (Sweet Booty)
Dragonmire Baby (Lizards & Lairs)
Roller Skater Consuela (Saturday Night Peter)
Torchbearer Seamus (Quahog Games)
Magical Girl Stewie (Quahog Anime Con)
Monster Meg (Quahog Anime Con)
Flying Evil Monkey (Steampunk)
Construct Brian (Steampunk)
Android Quagmire (Season 200)
Slendermire (Monster Family)
Stupert (Monster Family)
Maid Stewie (Murder At The Griffin House)
Whimsical Villager Tricia (Christmas Costumes)
Hezy Toothgraze (Return Of The Fatman)
King Joe (Quahog De Janeiro)
Gemini Chris (Zodiac Signs)
Rock Climber Kevin (Extreme Sports)
Restaurateur Giant Chicken (Reality TV)
Dave Campbell (Father’s Day Resort)
Patriot Patty (Founding Fathers)
Biggest Boy Chris (Clam Fest)
Brand Deal Meg (Influencer)
Rancher Joe (Dude Ranch)
Witch Neil (Toil & Trouble)
Candy Killer Carl (Candy Killer)
Fall Giant Chicken (Autumn Birds)
Wicked Fairy Brian (Dark Fairy Tales)
Referee Brian (Quahog Cup)
Hedgehog Stewie
Li’l Joe
Storm Chaser Joyce Kinney
Porcelain Doll Doug
Ape Peter
Bingo Roller Chris
Cat Brian
Peacock Patty
Taurus Wild West
Easter Egg Cleveland Jr
Sea King Wild West
Makeover Connie
Yogi Bonnie
Costume Designer Neil
Guest Babs
Tall Stewie
Hungover Joe
Fashion Critic Doug
Wild Bear Wild West
Sorority Girl Connie
Prince Cleveland
Witch Stewie
Legs All The Way Up Griffin (Reality TV)
Speed Skater Quagmire (Extreme Sports)

Boris The Animal (Guys In Black)
Bad Boy Peter (Winter Summer Reunion)
K-Pop Cleveland (Winter Summer Reunion)
Megazord (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers)
Blackbeard Stewie (Peter’s Booty Haul)
Hercules (Greek Life)
Aphrodite (Greek Life)
Borg Rupert (Star Trek Second Contact)
Bertram (Star Trek Second Contact)
God (Raid To The North Pole)
Chuggs (Raid To The North Pole)
Robot Elf (Raid To The North Pole)
Starlight Express Peter (PeterPalooza)
Bad Trip Stewie (PeterPalooza)
Don Corleone (Mobster Event)
Zoot Suit Stewie (Mobster Event)

2 responses to “FGQFS Exclusive Characters & Costumes

  1. I wasn’t anywhere near the top of the leaderboard and I was awarded Speed Skater Quagmire today, so that’s pretty cool.


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