Winter Wonderland Event is here….. and it’s a quick one….

It’s time to break out your pjs as the latest event to hit our games is here.

But let me repeat that this is a very short event so get collecting stuff ASAP!!


3 responses to “Winter Wonderland Event is here….. and it’s a quick one….

  1. After the first task by Quagmire, found his Pine Cone event task about 9 things down into his list of tasks rather than at the top (building he needs is in town, so not hidden). Notified support.


    • I noted it as well


      • Hmm, looked today and it is top of list. Either they fixed or it was a glitch. Just gotta slow down sometimes on the tap and swipe or run the risk of sending someone for gold inadvertently. And when there are 600+ visitors to QHS, it gets hard to find them when all you can see is the thumbnail in a scrolling list that I swear looks like I just swiped by those pictures.


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