Water World Event is here again….. and yes it is a repeated event….

Please note this is a repeat of the Multiverse event from 2020. And the VIP character sees the return of Fall Giant Chicken, there is nothing completely new this week.



10 responses to “Water World Event is here again….. and yes it is a repeated event….

  1. Beckie Mills


    Is anyone else having items drop like hammers, wood etc and it isn’t showing what it is being collected for?

    The event finishes tomorrow so I am really confused?


  2. Is there a reason why we’re getting repeated events?
    I played a bit of the previous event because the vip season pass was 400 clams (easily recovered with the rewards) and there were a couple of characters I needed to complete some sets. But it was the only one. I’m not even opening the game now. I honestly don’t see the point of these repeated events. Is the game reaching its end?


  3. Have they run out of material?


  4. Im sorry, but what the hell is going on here?
    THIRD repeated event in a row….. in a row…..
    Without new events and new characters to earn its impossible to make decent progress in the Historical Society as it takes FOREVER to save up 20k+ for the characters without the boost new characters in the events give us with 1000 each….
    Ive played the game for years… and I appreciate that it’s not over yet – but I cant participate in these repeated events and after two repeated events my interest was waning…. and now a third…. one more and ill be done.


  5. I find it strange how all of the vehicles for this event have been renamed. I have them all in the water since the original event and they all have different names. It’s like they’re trying to trick you into going through it all again.


  6. Wax Monster X

    Everytime I open the game now, I no longer hear the FG theme I hear taps.


  7. I like how this time the drunk pirates are floating on the streets and not in the water part of the town.


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