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The Mystery Of Quahog Dog Park

Seeing quite a few comments from players asking where to find Quahog Dog Park in order to be able to send Arena Rock Peter to Adjust His Package.

In order have this item in your town you need to have started District 9, which is the Downtown District, the Quahog Dog Park is available to buy in store then. If you’re not at that District you won’t have it yet, but if you are and can’t find it in your store or inventory, then please contact game support.

The Mystery Of The Clam Shrine

Well, there’s been yet another glitch in the game, this time regarding the clam Shrine. I know you’re asking questions such as was it gifted to some of us error when it’s now a cash money buy? And why after giving players the item for free was it removed with no messag to explain why? Basically it was an error, the Clam Shrine was never intended to be free.

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New Item In Store: Clam Generator – Clam Shrine

Update – Please note this item being free was an error, if you placed it, it will be replaced with a column that only drops game cash not Clams. 

We often see players requesting the return of the clam generators in events, and it’s something I recently brought to Jam City’s attention again, so I’m pleased to see they have just dropped a free one into our games. Yes, it only drops 1 Clam every 24hrs but it’s free and hopefully an indication of more clam generators to come.

The Clam Shrine is now available in your store and as Insaid it will drop 1 clam every 24hrs. I’m guessing this should maybe have dropped earlier this month to celebrate the games 6th anniversary.