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Pizza Day – A Word About Olive Drops

I see all your comments regarding the drop rate on Olives, I’ve raised the same concern to Jam City after testing the drop and finding it to be very, very poor. However we need to remember it is a Rare drop and sometimes these drop slowly at first then increase as the event goes on. I’m hoping this is the case, and we see better drops over the weekend. If not I’ll raise it with support again. Until we know if these drops will get better I’d advise you to decide which of the 2 freemium characters you want most and use your Olives wisely according to this.  However it’s worth remembering Pizza Delivery Quagmire has an Olive drop, so it’s up to you whether to follow the main Questline and go for him first or to just collect up what you can then decide who you unlock. I’m not sure it will be easy to get both characters if the drops stay as they are.