The End of the Full Moon is Near…

Hello There Clammers!

Well after just over a month of playing the Kingdom of the Full Moon Event is coming to an end.  For some Clammers that may be a welcome change, while for others you may be sad it’s not being extended.  In either case let’s go over some things you’ll want to do as the event winds down.

Remember the Kingdom of the Full Moon Event ends July 1st, and as of right now TinyCo as made no indication that they will be extending the event.  So you’ll want to wrap everything up today….

So just what will disappear, and what should you do?  Let’s break it all down….


First, any of the limited time decorations (that cost booty) that you were looking at purchasing for YOUR Quahog make sure you purchase them now.  Once the event ends they’ll disappear.  Here’s a look at what decorations cost booty:

decoration_desertflower@4x Succulent Garden– 20 Booty

Bubbling Lava FenceBubbling Lava Fence– 25 Booty

decoration_hotLavaTub@4xLava Hot Tub– 1,250 Booty

crown canopy tree Crown Canopy Tree– 500 Booty

building_egyptianbathhouse_v2@4x Egyptian Bath House– 3,000 Booty

King Butt FlagKing Butt Flag– 50 Booty

red hot coal pit  Red Hot Coal Pit- 500 Booty

Evil monkey Evil Monkey Statue– 10,000 Booty

decoration_oasis@4xDesert Oasis– 15,000 Booty

decoration_lotusPond@4xLotus Pond– 20,000 Booty

decoration_smallpalm_WIP@4xBaby Palm Tree– 250 Booty

Tiki TorchTiki Torch– 250 Booty


Next, any of the limited time items that you can purchase with clams you’ll want to snag if you want them & can afford them.

You’ll also want to make sure you work that last little bit to earn 80’s Cleveland & Adventure Peter if you haven’t already.  Once the event ends the option to unlock those costumes will disappear forever.  So you won’t want to miss out on these costumes!  Be sure to do what you can to unlock them prior to the event ending.  Don’t forget you can also do the Imperial Sarcophagus for 50 clams and earn large increments of items you’ll need for 80’s Cleveland.

Cool Cleveland


Finally, you’ll want to wrap up earning any additional Booty you need to claim your next highest prize.  Continue to do the Jelly-yo shots, and start turning them in for the streak.  Also, use your Booty (AFTER you’ve purchased any items you want) on the Booty Boxes.  You’ve got a shot at earning additional clams and Booty in the boxes.  Booty that can help you unlock the next prize.  So consider running through your booty stash on those Booty Boxes.  Once the event ends the booty will be useless, so at least the booty boxes give you a shot at using them!

So there you have it Clammers…the final steps to take to help you complete the event and wind it all down.  What do YOU think of the end of the event?  Are you ready for it to be over?  Or are you still hoping they extend it?  What booty items have you purchased?  Sound off in the comments below, you know we LOVE hearing from you!

343 responses to “The End of the Full Moon is Near…

  1. Found it in my inventry 🙂


  2. Did not know there was a Cleveland house? I completed all tasks but don’ t have it.


  3. How do I get Cleveland’s house? I noticed one of my neighbors have it and I don’t see how to get it? Also there was a quest that I had, the end of Cleveland’s quest that is now gone. I unlocked his 80’s Cleveland outfit.. I thought I had time to finish the quest since I unlocked the outfit so I focused on the King Butt quest. Now it’s gone and I hope I didn’t miss out on the house. If so I hope that we get another chance to get his house.


  4. When will the regular tasks start again? I want too start unlocking my next regular character, Stewie.


  5. After the closure of the event, my S&M Lois has disappeared. Any chance that this is going to be fixed or is it just me?


  6. My adventure peter costume is gone!!! Has anyone else encountered this problem? Does anyone know how to fix this?


  7. Ive seen some people saying the egyptian prizes dont look right in their town so I thought I would share what I did with mine. The cat statue is in quagmires backyard because where else would a shrine to the kitty go right?


  8. Well King but i still wandering around waiting form me to defeat him with more Jellyo shots.. I guess that means I could have just taken my time.


  9. Just got King Butt, so used my spare idols on the booty box, as had al the stuff. 45 tries, not a single clam won, 10 yatch’s 10 skate parks, loads of gardens, and other stuff I already had. The prizes should have been new stuff, not just the 2 new statues. Love the game, but after gettung the required idols 100,000 and the 2 new statues which I got after 4 goes, the rest collected have been a waste of time


  10. Dirty!!!! Well, now I’m officially done using the exploit. I reached one million butts! And after cashing them all in on booty boxes I have some numbers to share. First the best part, I managed to win 10 clams 5 times for total of 50 clams per 1,000,000 butts. Not great, but a free two bucks. Second, I have a small fleet of 16 quagmire planes and 5 petercopters. But the BEST PART is I have 37 small yachts, 33 skate parks, 30 Air Debris, 28 Dry Bush, 25 Lincoln Memorials, 13 queen, and 8 anubus. I’m going to SLEEP! Thank you addicts!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’ve gotten no clams at all, but I’m only at 400k and I NEED to sleep so guess it’s time to leave this event…. I’ve been bitter ever since I decided to spend 120 clams on a sarcophagus and got the lowest possible prize possible, I think it was a couple thousand butts? Whatever the lowest butt prize was…. I was hoping after a few hundred thousand it would feed me some clams…. But nothing…. I do have a fleet of planes and copters as well, along with multiple Lincoln statues…. I wish I could have gotten the clams they are worth instead.

      Liked by 1 person

  11. Hi Alissa,

    Yeah I’ve been in touch with tiny co and waiting for them to reply. What happens is when I go to buy clams a lil’ squirrel runs around for ages and then Consuela says its taken too long and kicks me out. When it does start to process my phone crashes…argh!!! I’ve got loads of memory on my phone and only play 3 games. Its frustrating, apart from the King Butt Saga really enjoying questing for stuff! 🙂


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