Family Guy Episode Recap: A Shot In The Dark

Hey there Clammers!

As we tap away in our own lil Quahog that we created either since last year to even recently, we like to reflect on just WHERE all this content is coming from. The Amazing Family Guy Episodes that are released weekly for our viewing pleasure.

There are so many things going on each Episode that we may not have caught them, overlooked them, or may have giggled right along with everyone else. So for a look at what we just saw on TV … or for our Out Of USA Neighbors, a look at things to come for you.

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Note From Bunny: This post was brought to you by the generous help of one of our very own Addicts Readers Mellie! Thanks!!


~The guys are outside sitting on the couch having a beer and chatting. Quagmire tells Peter that having the couch outside was a good idea. Peter says that they put it outside to have a hump feast and it need to dry out. Joe tries to make small talk and Peter tells him to join a group on making small talk. Joe tells them about being in one. Flash to Joe in the group learning to make small talk; he’s not doing too well at it. Back at the Griffins, everyone is at the table eating breakfast, as Lois is passing out he bacon Meg calls the napkin and Brian wanted it. Chris tells Brian that he has to be fast when Meg is at the table. Brian tells them that he calls the pizza box and Megs says that’s not how it works; you have to cal it as it happens.  Peter comes walking through the kitchen and tells everyone that he’ll be outside with the guys. Lois wants to know if they are going to get the garden started today and Peter is like I realized how stupid that is grabbing a hand full of bacon. He comes running back in, “it’s gone; our drinking couch is gone”. Brian tells him that if he left it out by the curb someone thought it was trash and took it. Lois looking upset thought peter was going to bring it right back in, she wants to know what he was thinking. Peter tells her that he thought they lived in a safe neighborhood but he was wrong. The Fonz is asking if Peter was wrong but can’t get the words out. Peter kinda laughs, The Fonz can’t say wrong. Lois tells Peter that he is seventy years old and is having a stroke.

A Shot In the Dark (1)

~Outside in the garage the guys are going to start a community watch. Peter has had shirts made up and asks Joe if he can get them some guns. Joe explains that they can’t just get guns that they have to go through background checks and safety classes. Peter walks in with four guns for the guys, and Joe wants to know where he got them. Peter tells him that it was easy like pressing that easy button. Flash to a guy at the checkout and the cashier tells him to press the button and when he does the cashier pees in his pants. Quagmire and Joe are sitting in a truck, Joe being behind the wheel, staking out the streets. Quagmire gets out the truck because the small talk that Joe is doing is making Quagmire feel awkward. Peter, Cleveland, and Joe are walking around when Quagmire comes up telling them that there is a big nosed guy in the bushes. We now see something out of Shakespeare, there is a long nose guy behind the bushes telling the other guy what to say to the lady in the balcony.  The guys come up and start beating up the guy behind the bushes and the other guy is repeating everything; “Oh my God four guys are beating me, I think my arm is broken, why, why, please stop pulling my nose, it’s not fake.” Now we see the lady in the balcony and she too has someone telling her what to say; “I want your arms around me, come to my room, and bring pound cake”.

~On another night Peter is getting ready to go on his patrol and Lois tells him that they live in a safe neighborhood. Peer tells her about the things they see out there, like a boy riding a bicycle holding a racket. Lois wants Peter to stay in so they can watch a movie and fool around. Peter says that he takes his unelected job seriously like seriously George, flash to seriously George doing his taxes and the man in the yellow hat wants him to go to the park. Peter is out doing his walk of the neighborhood when he sees someone trying to get a window open.  He tells him to move, and he then pulls out his gun, then he shots the guy. Who ends up being Cleveland Jr., Peter shoots him in the arm.

A Shot In the Dark (2)

~At the hospital, Cleveland and Donna are at Cleveland Jrs’ side. The doctor comes in, then Peter walks in telling the nurse that is trying to stop him that it’s ok he is the shooter.  Peter asks how Cleveland Jr is doing. Cleveland is like you shot my son. Peter tells him that he is sorry and that he thought that someone was breaking into his house, and he doesn’t know why Jr didn’t say anything. Jr says that he didn’t hear him because he was listening to music and when he went to turn it done you shot me. Peter then wants to know why he was going in through the window. And Jr tells him that Cleveland says opening the door lets to much air conditioning out. Donna angrily says you wouldn’t have fired that gun if he was white. Peter tells her that’s not true he’ll shot anybody and then ask Joe for his gun. Joe wants everyone to calm down but Donna wants the racist out of the room. The doctor is putting on gloves saying he puts them on for everyone oh you’re talking about him, pointing to Peter. Joe explains how it was ruled and accident and Peter was in his right to fire his gun. Cleveland wants to know about his sons rights to not be shot. Peter tells Cleveland that he would never do anything to hurt him, that he was his friend. Cleveland tells him to get out. As Peer is leaving the room he says to himself that he has really messed up and hasn’t felt this bad since going by that speed sign. Flash to Peter driving going by a speed sign and instead of telling the speed it says he is fat. Peter runs of the road.

~At the Drunken Clam Peter asks if Cleveland is going to come by because he wants to apologize and get the money for the shirts. Quagmire tells him that Cleveland doesn’t want anything to do with him. Joe points to the TV, Cleveland is on TV talking about the shooting.

A Shot in the Dark FOX (2)

Cleveland wants the case reopened because he believes that it is a hate crime and he wants Mr. Griffin to pay. Peter explains to the guys that he loves everyone. Peter walks in his house and Lois is upset and tells Peter that everyone in town hates them now. Peter says he doesn’t understand that he’s not a racist. Brian explains how this is a hot issue, you shot an African American kid, this is just not going to go away. Peter says that there has to be something he can do to make this right again and prove he is not racist. Lois wants to know how he going to do that. Peter says he is going to start at the YMCA that there is nothing that black guys like more than an out of shape indoor basketball white guy. Flash to Peter paying basketball with some guys and they are keeping the ball from him. Then he says to them “come on guys, I’m trying my best and that’s what matters most.” One of the guys says “that’s right we need to give you a chance no matter your skin color.” Another flash to a guy reading a story about what just happened; then he ask the kids if their parents have left the room and bring out a magazine called sloppy floppers.

~Peter walks into the living room with a big afro wig on and a bucket of brown paint. Lois asks what he is doing and Peter says to show I’m in touch with what it’s like to be African American I’m going to the middle of town square and get naked and paint myself brown. Lois tells him he can’t do that it’s offensive and he can’t pretend he is black, it’s a stupid idea. Lois rolls up a magazine and starts beating Peter with it, till Peter is on the floor curled up. Meg and Chris are on the stairs watching then they start pulling out their hair.

A Shot In the Dark (3)

~Cleveland is outside his house working in the garden he has. Peter comes up with Cleveland’s favorite beer and two glasses. Cleveland asks what he is doing on his property and Peter explains how it’s time to bury the hatch and put this all behind them. Cleveland tells Peter that he doesn’t want anything from him, and he’s not going to forgive him. Peter pulls out two cigars and lights them up, drops one of them into the bottle of beer and it catches fire then the yard burns a little, Cleveland tells him to do something so Peter puts a rag in the bottle to stop the fire. Peter picks up the bottle then throws it and it goes into Cleveland house catching the house on fire. Peter is shouting for Cleveland to get his family out of the house, if they don’t leave they’ll die, round up your family and get out or you’ll be sorry. Get out. Cleveland is spraying water on the house and a crowd of people have gathered and they hear Peter yelling at Cleveland. A group of people have now gathered at Peter’s house and they want him locked up. Joe and some of the guy from the force show up and lock Peter up for shooting Cleveland Jr.  Chris tells him that he’ll send a cake with a file in it. Peter in Jail with cake and the owner manuals to the appliances, he says he can finally read how to reset the clock on the coffee maker. He never does.

~At the police station. Peter is talking to Carter and telling him that he didn’t shoot Cleveland Jr. because he was black. Carter says that the media is making him look like a monster but not to worry they was going to get him out of this.  Carter’s going to post bail and set Peter up with his lawyer and get all the charges dropped. Peter wants to know how Carter is going to do it and Carter tells him that he’ll make up a good story and they’ll eat it up.

A Shot In the Dark (4)

~At the Courthouse Cleveland Jr is on the stand talking about that night. He says that as he was trying to get in his house when Mr. Griffin shot him and said he felt threatened, crying Cleveland Jr said that felt worse than being shot.  Peter’s lawyer tells him that he is just as sympathetic. Peter is like what I wasn’t listening. Brian and Stewie are talking and Brian says “that I don’t think it’s lost on any of us the laws are written on white paper.’ Stewie tells him to check his pocket and there is a piece of white paper on it is what Brian just said. Brian goes on to say that it’s no surprise that justice isn’t color blind. Again Stewie tells him to check his pocket and again is a piece of paper with what Brian just said on it. Brian tells Stewie he is a jerk and Stewie tells him to check Chris’s Pocket and Brian does and says there is nothing in here there is a hole in the bottom of the pocket.  Thanks Brian says Chris.

~It’s now Peter lawyer’s turn to question Cleveland Jr. The lawyer giving his case tries to make Cleveland Jr look bad by showing things that have nothing to do with this case;

Lawyer:  Mr. Brown you testified you were listening to music at the time of the shooting
Cleveland Jr.: That’s right
Lawyer: Isn’t JayZ music
Cleveland Jr.: yes
Lawyer: Doesn’t he have the lyrics “I put the gun to you I’ll kill ya I’ll chop you up put ya inside the mattress like drug money”

The court room gasps

Cleveland Jr.: I was listening to a Hanukkah album
Lawyer: Isn’t it true your last name is the same as Chris Brown’s
Cleveland Jr.: Yes but I don’t see
Lawyer:  and what did Chris Brown do to Rihanna
Cleveland Jr.: he hit her like a hundred times.

The lawyer enters into evidence a picture of Rihanna and a ad for the Entourage movie. The jury is shocked. Cleveland talking to Carter wants to know what the lawyer is doing that he is making Cleveland Jr. look like a thug. Carter asks if he wants to go back to jail, Peter looking at his family says he doesn’t know, maybe. The lawyer puts a knife in front of Cleveland Jr and asks him to pick it up and when Cleveland Jr. does the lawyer yells he has a knife and Cleveland Jr. gets arrested. Cleveland yells out that this isn’t fair. Outside Cleveland, angry; ask Peter how he sleeps at night, and Peter says propped up by two pillows, Cleveland, still trying to be angry says he needs pillows between his thighs and this friendship is over.

A Shot In the Dark (5)

~Now there is a crowd of people outside of Cleveland house, Peter and the family pull up, and Cleveland is outside telling everyone to leave, my son didn’t do anything wrong. Peter walks over to Cleveland’s to make it right. Peter tells the crowd that Cleveland Jr didn’t have anything to do with this, all those things they heard where lies. Cleveland Jr. is a good kid I just got scared and did something stupid, and it had nothing to do with the color of his skin but I did shot him and for that I deserve to be held responsible for my action. Joe is taking Peter away and Cleveland says wait Peter didn’t shot my so I did. The crowd gasps. Peter was just taking the blame; I Cleveland Brown a black man shot Cleveland Brown Jr another black man. Everyone is gone, the crowd the media all gone. Peter wants to know where everyone went, Cleveland tells him that if you want the media to go away make it a black on black crime. Brian is like the world we live in, Chris tells him to reach into Megs pocket. Meg kinda leans and says go ahead Brian.

~Peter asks Cleveland ‘why did you do that?’ Cleveland’s responses by saying’ ‘Let’s take a slow hands behind the back walk. Peter I know you didn’t shot Cleveland Jr because of his race. You shot him because you’re stupid. I know you don’t have hate in your heart, you were willing to go to jail, and you took responsibility. That’s what is important.’  Peter asks for forgiveness and Cleveland says he forgives him. Cleveland Jr comes out and Peter tells him he is sorry Cleveland Jr says that’s alright.

A Shot In the Dark (6)

~After Cleveland walks away Cleveland Jr, tells Peter he is coming for him then laughs and says I’m kidding or am I.

And that’s it, Hope y’all enjoy


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