Caption This Clammers!

As you are playing through quest lines, finishing up some tasks, or seeking to get those “rare” items for our characters… you may catch a glance at some of the funny moments that happen in our games. For those of you that are watching and are actually able capture these rather silly and strange things as they happen, we want to see them.

Now comes the fun part, once a week we will be posting these silly images here but want YOU, the readers, to caption them for us. So put on your silly thinking hats, let out that lil comedian inside, and have some fun! (Keep them PG please.)

This week’s Caption This was sent in by Addicts Reader Gambit Rogue…



If you’ve got an image you’d like to submit for a “Caption This Clammers!” post, email it to us at or post it on the Family Guy Addicts Flickr page, you never know when yours might be next!

13 responses to “Caption This Clammers!

  1. Thank you Amazon!! Mmmmmm……


  2. What’s going on in my pants? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm, looks like we got eight more weeks of Winter!


  3. “And I was like baby, baby, baby ohh,
    like baby, baby, baby no,
    Like baby, baby, baby oh
    Tought you’d always be mine, mine”
    -Herbert Bieber, 2016


  4. As James Woods would say, “ooo, piece of candy”, “ooo, piece of candy”, “ooo, piece of candy”


  5. My Lootcrate is here!


  6. This smells like a trap to me.


  7. I think I just won Powerball!

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  8. Mmmmmmmmmm too far away, get over here you little bastards. Mmmmmmmmmmm


  9. Oh, boy! Someone prepared a box lunch for me!

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  10. Oh that’s nice Herbert is shopping I guess he got tired of chasing after Chris


  11. Hmm, is today my birthday? Hot dog!


  12. Haha, I’ve got some funny screenshots that I took when two animated actions crossed while gameplay!

    I’ll send them to you!! 🙂


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